The Sportz Nutt Talks About The Talented Western Conference In The NBA

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Hey guys,

I find it fascinating at how weak the NBA Eastern Conference is, yet how strong the Western Conference has become. After this past season where the Golden State Warriors rolled through the NBA like it was a video game, most pundits and fans believed that teams would shy away from the Dubs and rebuild for a few years while Golden State finished their run. Instead, quite the opposite has happened, in that teams who willl have to face them are rebuilding NOW.

OKC – trading Oladipo and Sabonis for Paul George

Big deal for the Thunder as they get George who takes the place of Durant from 2 years ago. Though not as talented as Durant, George’s strengths are playing with the ball, as is Westrbook, so this experiment may not work, but at least they’re going back to the well to see if they can get back to the WCF with the Warriors. The rest of their team should have some more experience, so who knows. They were a 6th place team with just Westbrook.

Minnesota – trading for Jimmy Butler, trading away Rubio, sign Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson

What a grab for the Wolves, as they combined experience with their youth to have a formidable fivesome. What’s better is that they didn’t mortgage too much to get there. Butler came at a reduced price, Rubio left for a 1st round pick, and Teague offers a better presence at that position. I don’t know if they’re elite in the West, because they were so bad last year and it’s something I’d like to see first, but they are definitely in the right direction.

Houston – trades for Chris Paul, signs PJ Tucker and Nene

First off, what a MASSIVE haul the Clippers got for Paul, who they knew was leaving. They got youth, a starting PG and a ton of assets. Aside from that, the Rockets now have two players who need the ball in their hands, but can catch and shoot, though it’s not their fortes. Tucker adds a level of defense the Rockets need and Nene is a quality backup, but both are not in the East, but rather in the West.

Denver – signs Paul Millsap

One of the best PF on the market, Millsap leaves Atlanta to join the Nuggets and the money they offered, and should do well. He’s an immediate upgrade and makes a nice duo up front with Jokic, to go along with the high scoring fast paced offense of the Nuggets. Atlanta now stinks up front, having lost both Millsap and Howard.

Other players staying put: Jrue Holliday (NO), Blake Griffin (LAC), Andre Igoudala (GS)

It’ll be interesting to see where the following free agents go as signing out East will surely make a path of the Finals easier: Gordon Hayward, George Hill, Otto Porter, Danilo Gallinari. All of these men can significantly help their teams, but where they land will determine how much.

The Western Conference is a showcase of talent. Though the article is dated, check out these rankings for the top players.

Most are in the Western Conference, and the ones that are could be on the decline, though slightly. The other names have all moved out West, which means….you should all be staying up late this winter to watch basketball.

And there you have it.