The Sportz Nutt Talks Red Sox and Cubs

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This year, in the CineSportsTalk MLB predictions article, I picked the Cubs and the Red Sox to be in the the World Series. While I still think that will happen, I stumbled upon another idea, in that…..this could very well be the 2017 World Series as well. In fact, this could be the start of a doubled edged sword with dynasty written all over it for both teams.

The Cubs this year have been nothing short of magnificent. Already almost 20 games above .500, they have youth, stardom and experience on their side. Rizzo, Bryant, Arrieta, Hammel, Lester and co. have been doing anything and everything for the Cubs. They keep winning, blowing out opponents sometimes, all the while having their future-now studs in Soler, Baez, Schwarber, Heyward and Russell not performing up to their pre-conceived standards or out with injury. I see Soler having immense power, Baez being next year’s starting 2B over Zobrist, Schwarber developing into a power hitter, Heyward going back a few years in production levels and Russell being an elite SS. Can you imagine this lineup this year (and beyond) if they all develop somewhat into the levels people think? Scary. Oh, and their farm is loaded too: Contreras, Torres, Happ will all be up at least this year, and will make an impression. An embarrassment of riches.
2016 Weakness: bullpen is not that great.

The Red Sox haven’t dominated quite to the extent of the Cubs, but have still held their own. Already over 10 games above .500, they are doing well in the tougher of the two Leagues, and are only getting better. David Price realized he was tipping his pitches early on and has since corrected himself to prove maybe he’s not losing it. David Ortiz has had a swan song unlike many others, and some reports say he could actually stay. Pedroia has turned back the clock and Travis Shaw has blossomed into a reliable hitter. I haven’t even mentioned Boegarts or Betts yet, or the fact that Sandoval and Castillo haven’t even played much. Want to know th best part? Their farm system is LOADED with talent. Guys like Devers, Benintendi and Moncada haven’t yet hit the majors, but will be household names by next season.
2016 Weakness: starting pitching is weak.

If the two teams can make some deals to shore up their weaknesses, there’s no doubt in my mind that they WILL be in the World Series. In the American League, they should pull away in the East, and overtake contending teams like the White Sox and Rangers due to their talent level. In the National League, the Pirates and Cardinals will give the Cubs a ride, but no other teams play with the consistency to warrant any discomfort from their throne. The thing is, with the boatload of talent already here and on their way, we could see a double dynasty with two of the most lovable teams in baseball.

And there you have it.