The Sportz Nutt Talks Week 6 in the NFL

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As we pull up to the house of Week 6, we begin to see patterns of greatness and suck-ti-tude around the National Football League, as teams are falling into the Dennis Green “they were who we thought they were” category. Good teams produce on a weekly basis, and the poor ones consistently flounder and struggle to do pretty much anything positive. We may get some surprises here and there but overall, we are gaining a better sense of who these teams are and what they’re going to do.
Week 6
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Oct 11 8:20 pm  Philadelphia Eagles  New York Giants
 Sun Oct 14 1:00 pm  Arizona Cardinals  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Houston Texans
1:00 pm  Carolina Panthers  Washington Redskins
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Indianapolis Colts  New York Jets
1:00 pm  Los Angeles Chargers  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cincinnati Bengals
1:00 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Oakland Raiders ¹
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Atlanta Falcons
4:05 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Denver Broncos
4:25 pm  Baltimore Ravens  Tennessee Titans
4:25 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  Dallas Cowboys
8:20 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  New England Patriots
 Mon Oct 15 8:15 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Green Bay Packers
¹ This game is being played in London, England.

Bye: Detroit, New Orleans

Top 3 Games of the Week:

3 – Tampa Bay Bucaneers at Atlanta Falcons

I put this here purely for the offensive potential. Jameis Winston at QB levels up here against a defense that is one of the worst in the league. What’s more for him is that this is the most talented offense he’s ever played with. Look for Mike Evans and Cameron Brate to have big games. As for Atlanta, Matt Ryan has been out of this world, and his WR are loving it. Julio, Ridley and even Sanu are enjoying fantastic seasons. This one has the makings of a shootout.

2 – Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns

The Chargers are a bit inconsistent on the road, as in you never know what kind of game they will have. Their defense has been decimated all season, but they’re still a competitive 3-2 on the season. Going into Ohio, they should be able to compete with the Browns, who have a nice 5 game schedule upcoming for their offense and should do well on that side of the ball here. Will this game go into overtime?

3 – Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

This one is by far the best game of the week, and it isn’t even close. The undefeated Chiefs head to the road, but play in primetime, where Tyreek Hill typically shines. Mahomes has been out of this world amazing all year, and I see that continuing here. The patriots are coming together nicely, have so many weapons back on offense, and play against a defense that has many holes. I expect a close, competitive, high scoring game.

Game of the Weak

Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets

There are many games with one bad team vs one good team, but this is the closest we get to two bad teams. The Colts are banged up and on the road, where they flounder. The Jets are missing some key defensive pieces, but are playing against a defense that really should be ashamed of themselves. The potential for high scoring is there, but I’m predicting that this underwhelms and reaffirms my belief that this is the game of the weak.

Do or Die:

Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings

This is for the Vikings. A few weeks ago, some say they overlooked a home matchup against a terrible Bills team, and, what happened, they got their butts kicked. I don’t think they make the same mistake again versus an even worse Arizona team. It’s do or die because the Packers should win against the 49ers, and the Bears should win against the Dolphins, leaving the Vikings needing to keep pace. The running game really needs to step up sooner, rather than later, before the term “bust” appears next to Dalvin Cook’s name.

Upset of the Week:

This was a really tough week, because I don’t really see much here. Like I said before, there are so many bad teams playing so many good teams, there could be a lot of non-close games. That said, I see a potential “out” if you will. The Seahawks are traveling to London to play the Raiders. Sometimes when this happens, one of the teams does not travel well and/or adjust to the time difference. Both of these teams are from the west coast and usually don’t play well out east, especially the Seahawks. They are favored by 1, so I will take the Raiders and hope that they had a wonderful flight 🙂

Lock of the Week:

The Green Bay Packers will destroy, humiliate and pummel the San Francisco 49ers, at home, at night, on a Monday, at Lambeau. This has the makings for a 35-3 type of game… which I hope Aaron Jones runs for 5 touchdowns and 300+ yards (fantasy:)).

And there you have it.