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The Sportz Nutt Tells Us What To Look Out For In Week 3

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Already we have hit Week 3, and we have two ties. Seriously, I barely remember a season with one tie, yet now we are racking them up. I guess the biggest question now is: who will tie this week? However that, going out on a limb here, we’ll have a winner every game. We did have some real barn burners last week, as it was a pass/catch happy games. Pat Mahomes was on fire, Melvin Gordon looked incredible and the Cardinals were historically awful. Now we move onto Week 3. Here’s what our slate looks like:

Thu Sep 20  

8:20 pm          New York Jets         Cleveland Browns

Sun Sep 23 

1:00 pm          Buffalo Bills            Minnesota Vikings

1:00 pm          Cincinnati Bengals  Carolina Panthers

1:00 pm          Denver Broncos      Baltimore Ravens

1:00 pm          Green Bay Packers   Washington Redskins

1:00 pm          Indianapolis Colts   Philadelphia Eagles

1:00 pm          New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons

1:00 pm          New York Giants     Houston Texans

1:00 pm          Oakland Raiders     Miami Dolphins

1:00 pm          San Fran. 49ers      Kansas City Chiefs

1:00 pm          Tennessee Titans   Jacksonville Jaguars

4:05 pm          LA Chargers           LA Rams

4:25 pm          Chicago Bears        Arizona Cardinals

4:25 pm          Dallas Cowboys      Seattle Seahawks

8:20 pm          New England Pats Detroit Lions

Mon Sep 24

8:15 pm          Pittsburgh Steelers Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Top 3 Games of the Week:

3 – Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams

The Rams show their dominance on defense last week, not allowing the Cardinals to cross midfield until garbage time. The Chargers we saw in Buffalo looked like what we expected, with the offense clicking and the defense making plays. I see the Rams taking this, but a competitive “Battle of LA” is never a bad thing.

2 – San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs

I am excited for this one. I love this 49ers offense, and last week they looked much better than in Week 1. If they can get Goodwin back, they could really do some damage here, but even without, this is a Chiefs offense that gives up a lot of points. That said, their offense is absolutely lethal and should hold their own against a 49ers defense that hasn’t been the best either. They were some timing issues from Stafford away from losing that game last week.

1 – Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Bucs

I don’t think anyone had this marked on their calendars when the season started, but I do now. This Bucs’ offense, behind the magic of Fitz, looks nothing like the Jameis Winston led team. They’re going deep, they’re spreading the ball around, and they’re on fire. If they could get the ball moving on the ground, they could score a ton. Now, do I think this is for real? No…..I think Cinderella will need to return home from the ball soon but enjoy the ride while it’s ongoing against a Steelers defense that looks very vanilla.

Game of the Weak:

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns

Short week: Check. Top offensive player for the Browns gone: Check. Bad special teams: Check. New QB into new systems: Check. Minimal chances of each winning the division: Check

Do or Die:

Both the Giants and Texans are 0-2, and a loss here by either would all but eliminate that loser from the playoffs. Neither can afford to not win as both have some post season hopes. I’ll take the home team, well, for now.

Upset of the Week:

Vegas has some good lines this week, but I am doing a straight up pick’em here. I’ll take the underdog Cowboys to win at Seattle. So many injuries piling up for the Seahawks, and they’re notorious slow starters. The Cowboys will have some momentum after last week’s big win as they held on against the Giants. Plus, this Seattle defense is still pretty bad, and their O-Line is porous.

Lock of the Week:

The Vikings are good at football. The Bills are not. The Vikings have an incredible secondary. The Bills have a terrible receiving core. The Vikings can stop the run. LeSean McCoy is hurt. The Vikings are great on the road and are 16.5 point favorites. The Bills are just awful.

And there you have it.