The Sportz Nutt Thinks About What An Era We Are Living In

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We recently saw Tom Brady and Bill Belichick solidify themselves as the greatest football player and coach in NFL history with their epic comeback victory over the Falcons in the Super Bowl. Down by 25 in the second half, Double B displayed diligence and determination defiantly destroying defense after defense with destruction. After winning the title, Brady now has 5 Super Bowl championships, and truly has become the greatest we have ever seen at his position. He has made superstars out of scrubs, has shown fortitude and intelligence on the field, and has proven all the doubters wrong. Off the field, Bill Belichick is truly the best coach we have ever seen. He has his system down to a tee, and is able to fill in gaps with people he knows will work. Players will take a pay cut in order to play for him and have a legitimate shot at a championship.

What an era we live in, where we get to see and (hopefully) appreciate the true greatness in front of us. In a few years, we will have seen:


Nick Saban: Since taking over as Alabama head coach in 2007, he has amassed a 119-19 record, which is impressive, but even moreso considering that 6 of those losses were in that first year, where he won the Independence Bowl and was as high as 16th overall. Since then, he has DOMINATED the sport like no other coach, winning FOUR National Championships and has been to a Bowl game every year. What an era we live in where we get to see this type of dominance.


LeBron James: Since he started, the comparisons to Michael Jordan, arguably most people’s #1 player of all-time, have been non-stop. And, while he has won only half of the titles Jordan won, it’s the eye test that really puts LeBron at a pedestal all by himself. He is bigger, faster, stronger and smarter than Jordan ever was, and is a player that can play at ANY position and succeed. When it’s all said and done, maybe we won’t see comparisons to Jordan because, everyone else will be compared to LeBron.


Mike Trout: 168 HR, 497 RBI, 143 SB, .305 BA….age 25. He hasn’t yet hit his prime. Enough said.


Usain Bolt: The fastest man, not only in the world now, but who ever lived. He shatters records, then re-breaks them, only to solidify himself as the greatest. He’s been doing it for almost a decade. Don’t believe me, look here.


Michael Phelps: Sticking with the Olympic theme, Phelps recently claimed more medals this past summer. Why is that impressive? He’s been doing it since the 2004 Olympics, and hasn’t stopped DOMINATING. He has 23 gold medals and 28 overall medals. Some athletes don’t get more than one medal, mush less gold. Phelps does it 23 times. Wow.

And there you have it.