The Sportz Nutt Uses 280 Characters For Each NBA Team

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Twitter just recently went from 140 characters to a whopping 280! With that, I will now tweet out my thoughts on each NBA team thus far.

Atlanta Hawks:

The hustle and energy are there, but their 3-12 record really shows the talent level on this team.Their best players are undersized guards with nobody to pass to.

Boston Celtics:

Could there be a changing of the guard in the East? I’m not quite convinced yet because they’re such a young team and experience usually wins, but Brad Stevens has out coached everyone.

Brooklyn Nets:

An incredibly fun team to watch with fast paced action, their pick to Cleveland may not be as valuable as everyone once thought. GM Sean Marks brought in players with experience that nobody wanted and made them believe in themselves.

Charlotte Hornets:

Now that they have Batum back, I expect to see a better effort going forward. Putting Lamb on the bench will give them a more balanced attack all game long.

Chicago Bulls:

Other than a few minor bright spots, this team is as bad as everyone expected, if not worse. I can’t believe Mirotic and Portis will remain teammates.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Playing swiss cheese defense, one can’t help but see this as natural given the amount of injuries they’ve sustained. Losing Kyrie and having an injured IT means more stuggles until he returns.

Dallas Mavericks:

Cuban may be winning more deals on Shark Tank this year than wins for his Mavs on the court, as the pre-emptive tanking has begun. Poor Dirk.

Denver Nuggets:

A fast paced team, the Jokic-led Nuggets are holding their own in the tough Western Conference. A trade for a PG could really elevate them forward.

Detroit Psitons:

Last year’s under-achievers are potentially this year’s over-achievers, unless Drummond is for real….he’s got to be an MVP candidate.

Golden State Warriors:

Until they are eliminated from the playoffs, I will not criticize anything they do. They may have the league’s 3rd best record, but they’re #1 for the title.

Houston Rockets:

What James Harden is doing is ridiculous, with or without CP3. He’s finding ways to score, getting teammates involved, and he’s winning games.

Indiana Pacers:

A .500 record is about as good as anyone could have expected from Indiana thus far. Oladipo has made good return value in that highly regarded lopsided offseason trade.

LA Clippers:

As a fan of this team, it’s been hard to watch, though, in their defense, they’ve been riddled with injuries. I expect them to make a comeback of sorts, but i don’t foresee anything substantial for or in the playoffs.

Los Angeles Lakers:

They may have a better record than their neighbors in LA, but they’re not the better team. I still can’t decide if Lonzo Ball is a good player or not.

Memphis Grizzlies:

They’ve done well for themselves, and a .500 record is pretty solid. That said, missing Conley means they move down the food chain for awhile.

Miami Heat:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really believe in last year’s Heat team, and I don’t know how much I believe in now. Then again, they could be a 2nd half team again this year.

Milwaukee Bucks:

The trade of Bledsoe will only make this team better….and don’t forget about Jabari Parker, who’ll make his return too. This is a playoff team with some serious damage to be done.

Minnesota Timberwolves:

Wait until they release the hounds to their fullest extent. Both KAT and Wiggins are capable of much more.

New Orleans Pelicans:

Sure they’re 8-8, but they’re going to lose the player that has almost single handedly got them to where they are now at free agency. They need to trade him for future assets ASAP.

New York Knicks:

Everyone hates Carmelo, loves Porzingis, and thinks the parade route will be used in June. Don’t forget, it was the over bearing nature of Phil Jackson that caused a dark cloud overtop of the Knicks, and gave Melo nothing to play with for years. This team will falter out of the playoffs but still be on an upward swing.

Oklahoma City Thunder:

Much like Golden State last year, it’ll take awhile for 3 superstars to get along. Watch out when they do!

Orlando Magic:

Led by a dynamic front court, the Magic look like they’ve turned back to the clocks to the 90’s.

Philadelphia 76ers:

When healthy, this team is lethal. There are so many layers to this young team, if only they had one veteran presence to lead them to the promised land….maybe even a King (James)?

Phoenix Suns:

Is Earl Watson the worst coach of all-time? The Suns look poised for the future and are locked in with effort and energy now.

Portland Trail Blazers:

Now here’s a team that could use DeMarcus Cousins for the playoffs!

Sacramento Kings:

Why they continue to play the players with no future (Z-Bo, Carter) and neglect those with a long future is beyond me….speaks volumes to how Divac runs this franchise.

San Antonio Spurs:

Imagine another team losing their MVP candidate for months, have no other players even considered close to an MVP, and then still win games and be competitive. That’s why I still say Popovich is the greatest basketball coach ever.

Toronto Raptors:

Too inconsistent for my liking, they’ll need to improve to make any sort of serious run.

Utah Jazz:

Without Gobert, this team is doomed. See you in the lottery.

Washington Wizards:

If John Wall really believes he is the best PG in the league, he needs to start playing like one of the best.

And there you have it.