The Sportz Nutts Takes Us Swimming!

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Usually, I like to write about professional sports, or sports entertainment. However, once a year I find myself reflecting on something more personal to me. I’ve written about a softball tournament by my house as well as taking my son to a baseball game. This time, it’s all about me, because I’ve discovered a new passion in my life, and it is sports related: swimming.

Just over a year ago, I took up swimming. I had been going to my local gym for awhile, and saw people in the pool, but never really considered doing it myself. After awhile of exercising in the gym, I noticed that I wasn’t losing the fat I wanted to lose, so I decided to give it a try. I still remember my first time in the pool, no goggles, in the slow lane, and swimming. Now, despite the fact that I had swam as a child and almost finished the program, I hadn’t really done much of it on a consistent basis since then, so this was all foreign to me. I went under the water, and swam forward….I was doing it. I was swimming….and immediately out of breath, eyes closed, mouth full of air, and now gasping. After some struggle, I made it to the end…..of the 25m pool……wow that was tough. I swam 20 laps that night in about 40 minutes, and I was exhausted. I went home thinking it was a waste of time, and filled myself up with food.

The next day, though, I remember feeling, tired. I hadn’t challenged myself physically like this in awhile, and, well, I liked it. I love the feeling of exhaustion on the body, because, to me, it justifies the day making it full of worth. So a few days later, I went back, and then again, and again, and I got goggles, and I went again, and again……until a year later, I find myself swimming 2km….errr 1.242 miles (or 80 laps) in 50 minutes or less.

That being said, it’s a great tool to lose weight and fat, especially around the waist. I’ve noticed over the past year that some of my shorts and now too big on me, which, although unintentional, is something I can live with. I’ve noticed more definition in my body, but I do go to the gym almost everyday that I don’t swim. I’ve noticed that I feel free to eat more food right after, because I am famished. I notice that my skin feels softer. So overall, it’s a fantastic workout, that works every part of the body, and is something I strongly recommend to all.