Weekend Box Office Results 10/16/15 – 10/18/15

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Hey all – Steve here. This is going to be a quick one as it was a slow weekend at the Box Office. No major hits making it to the theaters this weekend and the numbers indicate just that. Here we go folks.

1. Goosebumps

This Weekend – $23.5 million

Total – $23.5 million


There is a kid factor here and Goosebumps rode that to the top spot of the weekend.

2. The Martian

This Weekend – $21.5 million

Total – $143.8 million


Damn good movie that is doing damn good at the Box Office.

3. Bridge of Spies

This Weekend – $15.4 million

Total – $15.4 million


Not a completely wide release, but for me this is a disappointing opening. If you missed my review, you can catch it here – go see this one!

4. Crimson Peak

This Weekend – $12.9 million

Total – $12.9 million


Not surprised at this opening – word of mouth on this one wasn’t so great. The problem is that people thought this had the makings of a scary flick and it simply isn’t that. Check out David’s review here just in case you missed it.

5. Hotel Transylvania 2

This Weekend – $12.3 million

Total – $136.4 million


This one seems to be on its last legs. It had a great run, though and now will likely be in for a nice Blu-ray run in a few months.

That’s all for this weekend. Anyone surprised at the results for the weekend? Let me know! Have a great week!