Weekend Box Office Results 10/9/15 – 10/11/15

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Hey all – Steve here. It’s Sunday night and the weekend estimates are in. Let’s get to it and see which flick grabbed the top spot this weekend.

1. The Martian

This Weekend – $37 million

Total – $108.7 million


Back to back champs for The Martian and after 2 weeks in the theaters it is already at its budget. If you haven’t see this one yet, I really don’t know what you’re waiting for. The Martian is a must see film.

2. Hotel Transylvania 2

This Weekend – $20.3 million

Total – $116.8 million


Back in the number 2 spot for the 2nd week in a row, the kids win again. My wife took my son to see this one on Friday and he loved it. There is no question that kids rule the world.

3. Pan

This Weekend – $15.5 million

Total – $15.5 million


Well if this isn’t falling flat on your face in your opening week then I don’t know what is. The reaction from most people I’ve spoken to about Pan has been one of annoyance. They can’t believe there is another Pan movie. Apparently not many people want to see it. This one has a budget of $150 million and a very long way to go to get there.

4. The Intern

This Weekend – $8.6 million

Total – $49.6 million


The Intern is holding on here and it actually leaps over the #5 movie for the week after being right behind it a week ago. I still haven’t seen this one although I am dying to.

5. Sicario

This Weekend – $7.4 million

Total – $26.7 million


Sicario rounds out the top 5 for the weekend. It’s not for everyone and it is showing just that by being relatively mediocre in its performance thus far.

That’s all for this weekend everyone. Hope you all have a great week and Let’s Go Mets!