Weekend Box Office Results 11/20/15 – 11/22/15

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Hey all, Steve here.

So, it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving at the Box Office and there was no shocker at the top spot. The fans had to go see the ending to the ride that is The Hunger Games. Let’s see what the rest of the top 5 looked like.

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

This Weekend – $101 million

Total – $101 million


You know I have to give it to the fans of The Hunger Games – they show up in full force. I’ve never seen any of the flicks in this series (or any of the really big nerdy series for that matter), but the fans don’t play around. Another $100 million opening for this one. Well, I shouldn’t say that because it will be its last. Although this one is critic-proof, here is Claudio’s review just in case you missed it.

2. Spectre

This Weekend – $14.6 million

Total – $153.7 million


Here it is again. I’ve really got nothing left to say about this one. My brother-in-law and his wife went to see this one on Friday and it was a split decision. That’s all I’ve got.

3. The Peanuts Movie

This Weekend – $12.8 million

Total – $98.9 million


You just can’t go anywhere without seeing something to do with The Peanuts Movie. It is all over the place. Don’t you dare go into a Hallmark store. This one will probably stick around for a bit because a lot of families wait on these movies for the crowds to die down.

4. The Night Before

This Weekend – $10.1 million

Total – $10.1 million


Not the best opening, but this movie is funny! I hope word of mouth gets the word out about how funny it it. Scott will take that last sentence and say that “Steve thinks it was the funniest movie of the year” because he likes to put words in my mouth. While it’s not for everyone, The Night Before is better than a 4th place showing. Damn Hunger Games. If you missed my review, here it is.

5. The Secret in Their Eyes

This Weekend – $6.6 million

Total – $6.6 million


I’ve got nothing on this one.

That’s all for this weekend. This list will get a shakeup next weekend as we have a couple of big boys coming up with Creed and a Pixar monster in The Good Dinosaur. See ya then!