Weekend Box Office Results – 1/22/16 – 1/24/16

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Hey all, Steve here. It will only take you a second as you see the numbers for some of these movies this weekend to know that people were absolutely buried in snow. I hope you all have been able to dig out and get back to your normal (or something close to it) lives. Get back to the movies, people! Here we go:

1. The Revenant

This Weekend – $16 million

Total – $119.2 million


Back to the top spot – a lot of people felt like Leo in this one. No, not because of the bear, but because of all that snow and no Oscar. Sorry, I just had to. #OscarForLeo

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This Weekend – $14.3 million

Total – $879.3 million

Star Wars

Back in 2nd place this week – not much more to be said about this one.

3. Ride Along 2

This Weekend – $13 million

Total – $59.1 million


So annoyed that this one has already made almost $60 million. Whatever.

4. Dirty Grandpa

This Weekend – $11.5 million

Total – $11.5 million


Probably just as bad as Ride Along 2, but De Niro makes everything just a bit better, right?

5. The Boy

This Weekend – $11.3 million

Total – $11.3 million


I imagine this was a nice weekend for a horror story – did anyone else see that Patriots game? Anyway – The Boy – small budget January horror flick and its already beat its budget.

That’s all for this weekend people. Next weekend there is a monster of a kids movie and it includes a panda that knows kung-fu, which is weird. Have a great week!