Weekend Box Office Results – 1/8/16 – 1/10/16

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Hey all – Steve here. The monster is still champ. Here we go.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This Weekend – $41.6 million

Total – $812 million

Star Wars

This bad boy is almost in Power Ball territory. I lost $40 playing it. I don’t want to talk about it.

2. The Revenant

This Weekend – $38 million

Total – $39.6 million


Finally a real movie hops into the #2 spot and nearly takes down Star Wars! Almost. Not quite. That’s all.

3. Daddy’s Home

This Weekend – $15 million

Total – $116.1million


I’ve been complaining about this movie so much that I just realized it is up to $116 million. Whatever.

4. The Forest

This Weekend – $13.1 million

Total – $13.1 million


I love the concept of this one, but it is getting its butt kicked by my fellow critics. I still want to see it.

5. Sisters

This Weekend – $7.2 million

Total – $74.9 million


Likely the last week on this chart for this one. It had a nice run and more than doubled its budget.

That’s all for this week. Star Wars reigns supreme again!