Weekend Box Office Results – 2/26/16 – 2/28/16

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Hey all – Steve here. Well it seems as though we have a trend developing here. Deadpool is back in the top spot for the 3rd week in a row and we had 3 brand new movies hit theaters this week and all 3 of them flopped. Tough break for a couple of them and exactly what everyone thought on the 3rd one. Here we go!

1. Deadpool

This Weekend – $31.5 million

Total – $285.6 million


People didn’t know what to expect when Deadpool was announced as being rated R. Well, now we know. We also know that the next Wolvernine movie will be rated R and that there will be a BvS rated R version released on bluray and DVD. What can I say, Deadpool is a trendsetter!

2. Gods of Egypt

This Weekend – $14 million

Total – $14 million


Our first new flick of the weekend and obviously a flop. So much CGI and that equals a massive budget of $140 million. Opening weekend needs to give you more than 10% towards your budget. Flop city.

3. Kung Fu Panda 3

This Weekend – $9 million

Total – $128.5 million


The Panda is starting to fade off into the sunset.

4. Risen

This Weekend – $7 million

Total – $22.7 million


Just its 2nd week on this list and already I’ve got nothing left to say about it.

5. Eddie the Eagle

This Weekend – $6.3 million

Total – $6.3 million


Released in just over 2,000 theaters, but any way you look at this, $6.3 million is a flop. Plain and simple.

That’s all for this weekend. Deadpool is the king again! Next week we have a massive kids movie hitting theaters that could rock the Top 5! Zootopia is coming for ya, Deadpool! Have a great week!