Weekend Box Office Results – 3/10/17 – 3/12/17

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Hey all – Steve here. Listen, there is no time for monkeying around this week. Seriously, if I don’t get started with this edition of the Box Office results, I’m just going to go bananas. Seriously, ape shit. Aright, let’s go!

1. Kong: Skull Island

Budget – $185 million

This Weekend – $61 million

Total – $61 million


Wow, they spent an ass-ton of money on this one. Big opening weekend for King Kong and there is a lot more where that came from. I had a blast in this one and it looks like a ton of people did the same this weekend. Just in case you missed them, here are three reviews for this bad boy:

Gisell’s review

Ralph’s review

Claudio’s review

2. Logan

Budget – $97 million

This Weekend – $37.9 million

Total – $152.7 million


Loved Logan and there is not much more to say about it. If you haven’t seen it yet then I’m not sure what is wrong with you. Your only excuse can be that when Logan came out you were having brain surgery and that you are just behind by a week and you saw Kong this weekend. Now you are even further behind the 8 ball because we have a pretty good flick coming out next weekend. My suggestion is to catch up during the week. Call out – unless you work for me.

3. Get Out

Budget – $4.5 million

This Weekend – $21.1 million

Total – $111.1 million


Get Out continues to kick some ass at the Box Office. Now up over $110 million domestically on a measly budget of $4.5 million. Simply incredible.

4. The Shack

Budget – $20 million

This Weekend – $10.1 million

Total – $32.3 million


Another solid weekend for The Shack considering what it is up against. This one will likely be gone from the Top 5 next weekend, but well done.

5. The LEGO Batman Movie

Budget – $80 million

This Weekend – $7.8million

Total – $159 million


Nothing more to say other than this bad boy is on the verge of doubling its budget.

That’s all for this weekend people. Next weekend we have a tiny little film call Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters. Have a great one!