Weekend Box Office Results – 3/17/17 – 3/19/17

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Hey all – Steve here. It’s weekend Box Office time and we’ve got ourselves a run-away winner this week. There really was no doubt that Beauty and the Beast would win the weekend, but DAMN did they whoop some ass! Hmm…it’s Disney and all, but I just felt the language was necessary for what they just did to the competition. Let’s get to it!

1. Beauty and the Beast

Budget – $160 million

This Weekend – $170 million

Total – $170 million


Wow. Just wow. We all knew that this one was one of the more looked-forward to live action remakes for Disney and this just confirms it. So many people out there were talking about this one going back months and months and especially all last week in the final days leading up to the release. It is a great film with some amazing visuals and I thought Emma Watson absolutely nailed it. If you shied away from the crowds this weekend it is understandable, but get your ass out to see this one soon.

2. Kong: Skull Island

Budget – $185 million

This Weekend – $28.9 million

Total – $110 million


If you went to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast and were faced with sold out shows, then this one might have been one of your backups. I’ll actually be seeing it again this afternoon with my son. He’s beyond ready for it.

3. Logan

Budget – $97 million

This Weekend – $17.5 million

Total – $184 million


Another nice weekend for Logan. If you still haven’t seen this one then it is time to take care of that situation. Logan is easily one of the best films of the year so far so you are doing yourself a disservice by not seeing it yet.

4. Get Out

Budget – $4.5 million

This Weekend – $13.2 million

Total – $133.1 million


And the trends continue of $100+ gross domestic revenue. This one of course is the only one with a single digit budget. I caught this one for a second time last week and it was just as damn good. If you find yourself with some time, do yourself a favor and check it out.

5. The Shack

Budget – $20 million

This Weekend – $6.1 million

Total – $42.6 million


And the trend is now over. Still, The Shack is doing very well within its niche audience. That being said, The Shack is probably in its final week in the top 5.

That’s all for this weekend people. Beauty and the Beast went apeshit on the rest of the top 5. Next week we have Chips, Life and the unbelievably popular Power Rangers. Have a great week everyone!