Weekend Box Office Results – 3/25/16 – 3/27/16

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Hey all – Steve here. This week was an easy one to see coming. Remember, some movies are simply critic-proof. Here we go!

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This Weekend – $170.1 million

Total – $170.1 million


Batman v Superman had so much build up and was a disappointment to so many. It has finally settled in at 29% on Rotten Tomatoes which is subpar to say the least. I enjoyed it, although there were flaws in the plot and some weakness in some other areas. Batfleck was pretty damn good, though! If you missed the reviews from our guys on the site, here is the one from Scott and here is the one from Claudio!

2. Zootopia

This Weekend – $23.1 million

Total – $240.5 million


This one just continues to rake in the money. My son continues to baffle me as he doesn’t want to go to the movies to see it. He also didn’t want to watch Space Jam, but loved it. What do kids know??

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

This Weekend – $18.1 million

Total – $18.1 million


I said that I would be surprised if this one made more than $10 million and it called my bluff on it. $18 million isn’t all that bad when you factor in the beast that it had to go up against this week.

4. Miracles from Heaven

This Weekend – $9.5 million

Total – $34.1 million


I know I called it a bust last week, but this one has now nearly tripled its budget. That will get us another one of the same type pretty quickly.

5. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

This Weekend – $9.5 million

Total – $46.6 million


This one has taken a dive in a hurry! Look for it to hang on to the #5 spot with not much coming out next week.

That’s all for this week, people. Next week we have God’s Not Dead 2. The original was hated by critics and loved by audiences. We shall see if it can make a dent in the top 5 next week! Have a great one!