Weekend Box Office Results – 3/31/17 – 4/2/17

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Hey all – Steve here. Time to talk some Box Office results. We have a couple of new flicks hitting the top 5 this weekend and while one made it’s debut in the top spot, another fell well short in comparison to its budget. Let’s get to it and see if we’ve got a new boss in town.

1. The Boss Baby

Budget – Undisclosed

This Weekend – $49 million

Total – $49 million


I bet you were expecting another weekend of Beauty and the Beast in the top spot. Well, sorry to disappoint you and sorry you didn’t get my pun in the intro. I don’t know anyone that has seen this one, but if kids are dying to see it then their parents are going to see it as well. I’ll find some time to take my son to see it in the next week or so. If you have seen it, let me know what you thought!

2. Beauty and the Beast

Budget – $160 million

This Weekend – $47.5 million

Total – $395.5 million


You didn’t have to wait too long to find this one. It continues to annihilate its budget. Yet another success in the Disney storybook.

3. Ghost in the Shell

Budget – $110 million

This Weekend – $19 million

Total – $19 million


Here is one that people are pretty split on. While the plot is pretty straightforward and the visuals are pretty damn good, there are a few points where it drags along a bit. Not enough for me not to enjoy it. So if you are on the fence about this one then you should check it out and see for yourself.

4. Power Rangers

Budget – $100 million

This Weekend – $14.5 million

Total – $65.1 million


Well. Now in week 4 and still $35 million short domestically of its budget. I know there were a lot of you out there that were excited about this one, but it’s just not getting the job done. I still haven’t seen it and I probably won’t unless my son decides he wants to at some point, so I leave this one to all of the Power Ranger nerds out there.

5. Kong: Skull Island

Budget – $185 million

This Weekend – $8.8 million

Total – $147.8 million


5 weeks in and still in the top 5. Still short of its monster budget, but inching closer and closer. If you haven’t seen this one then you should check it out while it is still in theaters and there are no crowds.

That’s all for this weekend people. Next week we have Going in Style and Smurfs hitting the big screen. Have a great week!