Weekend Box Office Results – 3/3/17 – 3/5/17

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Hey all – Steve here with your Box Office results. No surprise who the new king is…let’s get to it people!

1. Logan

Budget – $127 million

This Weekend – $85.3 million

Total – $85.3 million


I know there is an understanding that some of the money that would have gone to Logan just won’t be there because of the R rating, but Steve is here to tell you that it makes it just that much better. I missed the screening for this one, but I was able to check it out today and I can tell you it was absolutely fantastic. Go check this one out immediately and if you have little ones making sure you secure a sitter first. Don’t be those parents bringing a kid to something like this – there is a ton of violence, gore and cursing. We have a couple of reviews up, so make sure to check them out:

Ralph’s Logan review

Claudio’s Logan review

2. Get Out

Budget – $4.5 million

This Weekend – $26.1 million

Total – $76 million


You already know my feelings on this one – outstanding. Obviously blowing its budget out of the water at $76 million compared to its measly $4.5 budget, other people are thinking the same thing.

3. The Shack

Budget – $20 million

This Weekend – $16.1 million

Total – $16.1 million


I HATE the trailer for this one. As a parent it kills me inside. So we’ve got ourselves a Christian film in a top 5 that so far has featured a rated R comic book movie and a thriller that is loaded up with racism. This is what we call counter-programming. People went out to support this one and while I haven’t seen it (no press screening), it is currently at 16% on RT. On the flip side, those audiences that have gone to see it have LOVED it to the tune of 88%. This is more than likely a case of the niche audience just loving what they are going to see. In any case, I will be checking it out as soon as I can (even though the story pisses me off) because I’m a fan of Octavia Spencer

4. The LEGO Batman Movie

Budget – $80 million

This Weekend – $11.7 million

Total – $148.6 million


Oh, hey Lego Batman. Look at this pig. Already close to $150 million and still chugging along. Showoff.

5. Before I Fall

Budget – $5 million

This Weekend – $4.9 million

Total – $4.9 million


Maybe for you there is a tomorrow. No. Stop it right there. The whole premise of this movie is just annoying to me. That’s not to say that this is a bad film. I’m just not 15 anymore and I have a penis. It is currently at 68% on RT and 71% with the audiences. This is Groundhog Day for 15 year olds. Enjoy.

That’s all for this weekend people. Next weekend we will probably be talking about a tiny film about a giant ape. See you all next Sunday.