Weekend Box Office Results – 4/14/17 – 4/16/17

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Hey all – Steve here. Time for your Box Office update. We have a brand new champ this weekend and I’m not sure if it was fate or not, but it was a furious ass kicking in the end. Outside of the top spot, the rest of the list remains intact. Let’s get to it people.

1. The Fate of the Furious

Budget – #250 million

This Weekend – $100.2 million

Total – $100.2 million


I had a great time watching The Fate of the Furious. I have said this many times this week – if you expect a film in the Furious franchise to be a masterpiece then you don’t know movies. You have to go into these movies to just sit back and enjoy the action (no matter how ridiculous it is). Those of you that didn’t like it decided to nitpick certain pieces of the plot and plot points are not the specialty of the franchise. Give it a rest. If you couldn’t make it out on opening weekend, give this one a shot during the week or maybe next weekend. Here are a couple of reviews from a couple of guys on the site that I don’t necessarily agree with.

Ralph’s review

Claudio’s review

2. The Boss Baby

Budget – Undisclosed

This Weekend – $15.5 million

Total – $116.3 million


Finally starting to fall off a bit, this one is losing a bit of steam but now sits at over $115 million domestically. This one (and the rest of the list) was really a non-factor when it comes to trying to grab the top spot.

3. Beauty and the Beast

Budget – $160 million

This Weekend – $13.6 million

Total – $454.6 million


Up over $450 million now domestically, this one is a box office beast. Yes, I have to take every opportunity to do stuff like that before this one is gone from the top 5.

4. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Budget – $60 million

This Weekend – $6.5 million

Total – $24.7 million


I have nothing to say about this one. Be gone.

5. Going In Style

Budget – $25 million

This Weekend – $6.3 million

Total – $23.4 million


I hate living in a world where a Morgan Freeman/Michael Caine/Alan Arkin flick is being beaten by little blue animals. It’s a damn shame. I know what I said about this one, but it doesn’t deserve to be behind the Smurfs. I said I would give it another chance and I will. I promise. Soon. Maybe.

That’s all for this weekend. Next weekend we will have Free Fire, The Promise and perhaps Unforgettable breaking into the top 5. Have a great week everyone!