Weekend Box Office Results – 4/7/17 – 4/9/17

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Hey all – Steve here. It’s the first full weekend in April and we have ourselves a back-to-back champion! Alright, I know how you babies don’t like to be kept waiting. You’re not the boss of me, but let’s just get on with it.

1. The Boss Baby

Budget – Undisclosed

This Weekend – $26.3 million

Total – $89.4 million


Well the baby is the boss again! Back to back weeks as the Box Office champion! While I haven’t see this one just yet I just have a feeling I will be seeing it soon.

2. Beauty and the Beast

Budget – $160 million

This Weekend – $25 million

Total – $432.3 million


This one continues to be a beast at the Box Office. And that’s all I’ve got for this one.

3. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Budget – $60 million

This Weekend – $14 million

Total – $14 million


What can I say? I think we are all tired of the Smurfs movies, but our kids aren’t and that is all that matters. Luckily for me, my son has never gotten into them. I mean, I love me some Gargamel, but this is ridiculous already.

4. Going In Style

Budget – $25 million

This Weekend – $12.5 million

Total – $12.5 million


Well this one has a small budget and it’s already halfway there. When I saw it, it was later on Opening Day and I had just gone through a lot of beer watching the Mets handle the Braves 6-0 earlier that day. I am absolutely willing to give this one another chance.

5. Ghost in the Shell

Budget – $110 million

This Weekend – $7.4 million

Total – $31.6 million


Alright. Pull up a chair. Ghost in the Shell is officially a bomb. I know we never want to hear this about something that Scarjo is in, but this is the reality. Chalk this one up to there just being better options out there to see. Just never lose faith in Scarjo.

That’s all for this weekend. Next weekend we have Fate of the Furious and nothing else. Look for a new champ next weekend! Have a good week!