Who is going to win the NBA Championship?

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Hey all, Steve here.

And then there were four. We are down to the final 4 teams in the NBA Playoffs. We have the Cavs and the Hawks in the East and the Warriors and Rockets in the West. I can see the the Cavs and Warriors, but who had the Hawks and Rockets in the final four? If you are saying you did, I am calling you a liar. I’ve said from the beginning that the Hawks are not a playoff caliber team (despite their outstanding regular season record) because that’s just who the Hawks are. For me, the Warriors and Cavs were locks to go to the Western and Eastern Conference finals, but not the Rockets and Hawks. What the Rockets did in the last series against the Clippers was simply amazing and they absolutely deserve to move on to play the Warriors. The Conference Finals start tonight, so it is time for us “experts” at CineSportsTalk to let you know what we think will happen in the last 3 series of the NBA season.

Let us know what you think!

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