Zack Snyder Gives Us A Glimpse of His Dark Knight!

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Hey all Scott here.  So, Zack Snyder teased us all on Twitter yesterday with a tarp covered Batmobile  from the upcoming (when I say upcoming I really mean 2016) untitled Batman/Superman film with just the ass end showing. As you can see from the picture below, it seems as though someone is grandstanding.


Snyder then hinted at the possibility of taking off the tarp today to reveal the Batmobile in all of it’s entirety.  Well, he did one better.  He didn’t just give us a glimpse of the Batmobile, he went ahead and sent Facebook and Twitter into a bat shit frenzy by posting a picture of Ben Affleck  as the Dark Knight.


The reaction to the above picture has been overwhelmingly positive. What do I think? I think this bastard orphan is upstaging a movie that is SUPPOSED to be the sequel to Man of Steel.  You know Man of Steel 2?  I seem to remember Bruce Wayne faking his own death and hiding in relative obscurity.  Having brunch with Catwoman and Mimosa toasting Alfred Pennyworth from across the way. No. The Dark Knight didn’t go quietly into the night, he decided to crash the party of the most successful Superman film of our time.  How long till he tries to sleep with Amy Adams/Lois Lane? Why stop at at Lois Lane, maybe he tries to put the moves on Diane Lane/Ma Kent.

Is it me or is this turning into The Dark Knight Rises in A Superman Sequel? You know that we know movies, we know sports, and we know nothing else. Here’s a quick crossover reference for you.  How quickly did it take Superman to become the Dwyane Wade of this movie and Batman morphed into Lebron James alpha male mode? I would say Wonder Woman is Chris Bosh… but no one gives a shit about Wonder Woman.

With all that being said… How bad ass is that Batman suit?