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2017 NFL Picks: Wild Card Weekend

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Hey all – Steve here! The regular season is OVER. Can you believe it? For some of us, our regular seasons were over relatively quickly so it feels as though the season has been over for a long time! Let’s talk through some of our predictions from the beginning of the season.

  • NONE of us had the Bills making the playoffs. If you say that you did then you are a liar. Fact.
  • I had the Giants making it to the Super Bowl. I was slightly off.
  • Scott had the Packers and the Raiders making it to the Bowl and the Dolphins making the playoffs. Nope.
  • Kyle had the Cowboys in the Super Bowl and Dak Prescott winning the MVP. Hmm.
  • Many of us had the Packers in the Bowl, but a certain injured QB stopped that from happening.
  • EVERYONE got the NFC pick for the Bowl wrong.
  • The Sportz Nutt, Mike and Gilberto are the only ones with a chance to be correct with the Super Bowl champion Patriots.

So, there you have it people. Our failures and potential triumphs for our preseason predictions. Now we move on to Week 17 performances and our overall standings for the season and then on to our Wild Card Weekend picks!

Week 17

Overall Standings

Wild Card Weekend Picks