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Atlanta Braves Preview

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I hate the Braves.

Although it is funny as I look back on the mid 1990’s, I actually enjoyed watching the Braves do well as my “2nd team” after the Mets were eliminated in early May. Let’s fast forward to 2011. The Braves are a good team again. They have a new manager and a new second baseman. They both came from the Marlins, but will Freddi Gonzalez and Dan Uggla be enough to propel the Braves past the Phillies this year? Don’t hold your breathe. I was watching the 4 letter network the other day and heard someone say that as Chipper Jones goes, so go the Braves. I think that is ridiculous. Chipper is old and getting older (like the rest of us) and should the Braves really be relying on him to get the job done? What about Heyward, Uggla, McCann, Gonzalez and Prado? Those are the guys the Braves and the fans should be looking towards. The pitching good with Hudson leading the way and youngsters like Jurrjens and Hanson and Minor behind him. I think a real key to the staff could be Derek Lowe and how much he has left in the tank. It is going to take a lot to take the NL East title away from the Phillies.

That being said, the Braves still don’t have what it takes to take the title away from the Phillies, but I think the Braves still make the playoffs as the NL Wild Card.