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Baltimore Orioles Preview

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Let’s face it folks, the Orioles are not winning the AL East this year, or for the foreseeable future, but the team is improved. They did steal a couple of guys from the NL in Derrek Lee and Mark Reynolds. Let’s start with Derrek Lee. He is 36 years old now, but he is a sure handed fielder and a clutch hitter that can do nothing but make the Orioles lineup better. Mark Reynolds…hmm. Let’s see, how do I put this? He is a strikeout machine, plain and simple. He is going to hit 30-40 home runs, but he will also strikeout over 200 times! Who does that?? Seriously! In 2009 he hit 44 home runs and had 102 rbi along with 30 doubles. His production dipped to 32/85/17 in 2010 and hit a ridiculous.198. Once again, who does that? Reynolds is literally hit or miss. He is either going to hit the ball 450 feet or give a nice cool breeze to the crowd. Brian Roberts starts his 11th year in the Majors and it will be interesting to see what his production looks like coming off of his injury last year. The Orioles missed out on Victor Martinez, which would have turned up the heat on Matt Wieters, who is yet to show his potential. Another name that you think of when you hear the word potential is Adam Jones. Jones is 25 years old to open the season and seems primed to break out after back to back seasons of 19 home runs. As always, with the word potential we shall see if it really just means potentially BAD. Vlad Guerrero is another good pickup for the Orioles, but you would think that a team looking to win now would have been the team to get Vladdy. After all, he is 36 years old and showed that he surely still has it after hitting 29 home runs and knocking in 115 runs last year with the AL Champion Rangers. He is surely an upgrade over Luke Scott, who will give you 25 home runs a year yet drive in only around 70. Seems to me like he is a solo home run machine and doesn’t drive in much more. The pitching is an area of unknown for the Orioles, with the likes of Matusz, Guthrie, Duchscherer, Bergesen, and Arrieta likely rounding out the rotation.



All in all, it looks like another fight for 4th place for the O’s this year, although the lineup should be impressive and could score a lot of runs.