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Borderlands Franchise Sees Multiple Projects and Updates

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by Evan Calderon,

The popular looter-shooter franchise “Borderlands” has been in the back of many gamers’ minds over that past few months, as developers Gearbox Software have been hinting at some future projects for some time now. Today at the Gearbox panel at PAX East various projects and updates were announced for the franchise.

Jumping into the biggest news of the panel, “Borderlands 3” was finally announced after much speculation. Announced with a 3-minute gameplay trailer that gave us our first look at the world of the third installment. Included in the trailer are some glimpses of past characters like Lilith, Maya, Brick, Mordecai and Zer0 along with Rhys, from “Tales from the Borderlands.” Location wise, it seems like there won’t be as much desert as previous titles, as there are jungle and city settings to run and gun in. There’s a better look at character and locations in the trailer that you can check out here:

We didn’t get a release date or even a release window for the highly anticipated title, but if a previous earnings call is to be believed, sometime around fall of this year could be the targeted date. We did get a date for “Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition,” which is an enhanced port of the original 2009 game for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. According to the press release, “With new weapons, visual upgrades, character heads, gold chests, and keys, plus all 4 add-on packs, you can enjoy all of the content from one of the Most Acclaimed Games of its era, now in one sweet and deliciously modern package!” If you’ve never played the original “Borderlands” April 3, is the perfect time to get started.

An update to the VR version of “Borderlands 2” in the form of all the DLC from the regular game, making its way into the VR version. All we know is that it will be releasing this summer, and will be free of charge. Lastly, the previously released “Handsome Jack Collection,” which contains both “Borderlands 2” and “Borderlands the Pre-Sequel,” will be getting an UHD update for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. On April 3rd you’ll be able to download the UHD Texture Packs that enhance textures on characters, vehicles, weapons, and the environment.