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Boston Red Sox Preview

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Well I was originally going to just leave it at Wow, but I suppose they deserve a preview as well. The Red Sox had to try to find a way to make it easy to forget about last year. How do you make a fan base forget that so much of their team was decimated by injuries a year ago? How about getting the top free agent available and the top player available via trade? Think that would work? Well, we don’t have to wonder because that is EXACTLY what the Red Sox did this off-season. Adrian Gonzalez can hit 50 home runs at Fenway and Carl Crawford (who, by the way everyone thought was going to the Yankees) does what he does and he is nothing short of a 5 tool player. If there was a 6th tool out there he would have it as well. Now it looks as though everyone else is back healthy and they have improved their bullpen from a year ago as well. They won 89 games last year and finished in 3rd place behind the hated Yankees and Ray, and that was with all of those injuries. There is really only one way to describe this lineup and that is SICK! In my opinion, they have the potential to win 105 games if everyone stays healthy. I’m not talking about the Orioles type of potential, either. Let’s talk about the bullpen now. Jonathan Papelbon had a bad year last year and still managed to save 37 games for the Sox. He did however have 7 losses and an ERA hovering around 4.00. Now the team brings in Bobby Jenks who has 173 career saves himself. Now look to the left, yep, right there…see that guy? He is closer in training, Daniel Bard. Flame thrower. He will be the closer of the future for the Sox and add to it the fact that he posted a 1.93 ERA last year…wow. The rotation is filled with young talent in Lester and Buchholz and a veteran presence in Beckett and Lackey. I think that it is the perfect mix for a starting rotation.


As I said, the Red Sox are a vastly improved team and they get all of their boys back healthy this year. If everyone stays healthy, they WILL win 105 games and they WILL win the AL and they WILL win the World Series. I’m not just saying this because my partner is a Red Sox fan…Sox are good…real good.