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Attention Christmas movie buffs! We all know and love the movie Elf, and it’s time we come up with a game to keep the funny Christmas spirit alive. We are in need of a new tradition & we need YOUR help to start it!

Try our Buddy The Elf Escalator Challenge!

Re-enact the Gimbles scene where Buddy goes up the escalator and does a split out of total confusion for the contraption.

Real Elf fans will do this!

Please remember to do this at your own risk. CST is not responsible for any injuries! If you want to ask, check with Scott – you might catch him in a giving mood! But also. The less flexible you are, the funnier the video!

Official “rules”

1. Find an escalator anywhere. Department store, airport (that might be problematic), a rich friend’s house. Wherever!

2. Ride at your own risk. We’ve seen weird challenges before. Make sure you have someone there to spot you. If you end up in the hospital, you’ll never hear the end of it from your family.

3. Nominate at least 3 friends! The more the merrier!

4. It has to be before Christmas Day!

5. Make sure to include the following hashtag – #BuddyTheElfEscalatorChallenge

6. Bonus spirit points if you do it ON Black Friday!