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The Dolphins are Rebuilding…Again!

By Carl Cabey

Four years ago the Dolphins finished the season 1-15. They brought in Bill Parcells and he hired Tony Sporano as the head coach and Jeff Ireland as the general manager after he leaves. The trio was giving the nickname the trifecta. They were supposed to be different from the previous GMs. They were supposed to bring Miami back to the winning ways they experienced in the 90s. Similar to many before them however, the trifecta failed to get the fins a franchise quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. They chose Jake Long with the 1st overall pick over Matt Ryan in their first full draft and settled for Chad Henne in the late 2nd round.

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Will Peyton Manning be a Miami Dolphin?

Hey all. Scott here.  There has been lots of speculation about what the future holds for Peyton Manning. We are all about to get our answer.  The Indianapolis Colts have until Thursday March 8th to pick up Manning’s 28 million dollar option or decline and draft Andrew Luck with the first overall pick.

We all know that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is absolutely infatuated with Mr. 6’5 Laser Rocket Arm, but is he the best possible fit for a Dolphin franchise that has been starving for a franchise signal caller since the days of Dan Marino?  I’m going to break down the three best options the Miami Dolphins have to upgrade at Quarterback and let you know what I feel is the best fit.

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Dolphins offense productive because of Henne?

by Dawn Dziuba
Henne play well in the season open against the Patriots
Prime time is one of the best times to watch football. When the New England Patriots came to Sun-Life Stadium in week one Phins fans were asking one question. “What is Chad Henne going to do tonight?”

True, he had a productive preseason and it did look promising, but Phins fans have been telling themselves that since he was drafted in 2008. As a die-hard fan you can’t help but compare him to Marino because, let’s face it, we are all just spoiled. However, when Monday Night Football did come around there was a different story, and Henne was the narrator. The story kind of went like this, ok boys and girls today I’m going to throw 1 touchdown, run for one, and throw for over 400 yards against the New England defense. You had to see it to believe it. Henne’s final numbers were 2 touchdowns, 416 yards passing, one interception, and at the end of the day a 93% quarterback rating. Not to shabby for a guy who has taken some severe beatings from the fans and critics in the off-season. Myself included as that became a favorite hobby of mine in the offseason. There are some holes in the Patriots defense, but I don’t think anyone would have predicted Henne being so effective. He spread the ball out and finally used Fasano like a tight end should be used. He had a great one-handed catch for 22 yards that let to the rushing touchdown by Henne a play later. Brandon Marshall lead the receiving core with 7 catching for 139 yards. They seem to be getting more in sync than they did in preseason. All in all the offense did look good. They have to keep that kind of production going all year-long. There was some coaching problems with goal like plays, and they really need to work on getting out of a hole when you’re in deep and starting at your own 2 yard line, but first things first. 

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