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Cincinnati Reds Preview

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The Champs of the division from 2010 are back to defend their title. They didn’t really do much this offseason, but, hey it was enough last year, wasn’t it? MVP Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, Jay Bruce make up a nice core group of players for this Reds team. They have veterans like Ramon Hernandez and Scott Rolen along with Bronson Arroyo to help with the younger group of players. Their rotation is mostly young but they are strong with Cueto and Volquez leading the way. The Reds were able to hold off the Cardinals last year because they didn’t falter. They never let up. They never pulled a Miami Heat. Sorry, I had to go there. They are a good solid team and their belief in that is what will keep them going. Doesn’t hurt to be talented, either.

The Reds will win their division again this year, especially now that Adam Wainwright is out for the year for the Cardinals.