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CST Backlash Predictions

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It’s time for the greatest predictions ever! Cue Hugh Jackman and the elephants for the circus that will be Backlash. WWE has really booked themselves into a sea of criticism with the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever tagline for Edge vs. Randy Orton. Whoever came up with that atrocity, and then added the Greatest Show as the theme song deserves to be knocked across the head.

They’ve literally put so much pressure on a man who hasn’t wrestled for 9 years and another who hasn’t had a match rated higher than 3 stars in god knows how long. It’s so bad even Edge and Orton have poked fun at the tagline on Twitter. And that’s only one match. I’m not even going to mention the Jeff Hardy/Sheamus feud that has used Hardy’s real-life addiction troubles as a story line. At least Backlash has the feel of a PPV with most matches being for a title, it just needs to shed that ridiculous tagline.

With that said take a look at our predictions for Backlash and let us know what you think! Hugh Jackman you may now exit the stage to the left, and don’t forget to take Paul Heyman with you.

Backlash Predictions:

Backlash streams live on the WWE Network starting at 7 p.m. ET.