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CST Money in the Bank Predictions

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It’s money time! And no, I don’t mean Mr. McMahon giving away $1 million. It’s Money in the Bank season and with the COVID-19 pandemic WWE has once again changed the game for this Pay Per View.

This year’s ladder matches will be held at WWE Headquarters and start from the ground floor, where the superstars will need to, “climb the corporate ladder,” to the roof and retrieve the MITB briefcase. Not only will Titan Towers be the home of the Money in the Bank, but both women’s and men’s ladder matches will take place simultaneously.

However, besides the ladder matches, the card seems a little bland. Two of the matches were put together at the last second, while the others seem very predictable. Hopefully the ladder matches can save this event and make it worth the watch. Who knows, maybe someone will be taking a dive from the top of Titan Towers.

With that said take a look at our predictions for Money in the Bank and let us know what you think!

Money in the Bank Predictions:

Money in the Bank streams live on the WWE Network starting at 7 p.m. ET