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CST Staff Super Bowl 53 Picks

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Hey all – Steve here. It seems as though we wait months and months for football to start and then in a Thanos snap, it is over. We are facing that tonight, but not before the Rams and Patriots go at it in Super Bowl 53! If there is one thing we should have all learned this year, it is that you should never bet against Tom Brady. How in the world is this Patriots team back in the Super Bowl? That’s a story for another time. Let’s get to how we did for our picks for Championship Weekend (not very good) and how we have done overall in the playoffs. Oh and just because betting against Tom Brady is a lesson we SHOULD have all learned doesn’t mean it IS a lesson we all learned. Here. We. Go.

Championship Weekend Results

Overall Playoffs – yes, they are jumbled – deal with it.

Super Bowl Predictions