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CST Throwback Thursday – Film of the Week

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By Layla Bryndzia,

With the official trailer for Zombieland 2: Double Tap being released not too long ago, what better way to celebrate this long-awaited sequel than to take a look back at its predecessor, Zombieland

It has been ten years since this bonafide cult-classic came out. It is the perfect movie to watch on a rainy day when you can’t decide between action or comedy. How about a little romance/ zombie dystopia/friendship movie to lighten the mood? Zombieland has everything a dark humorist could ask for. The death of hundreds of zombies, a quest for Twinkies and Bill Murray. 

Like most zombie outbreaks, it started with a nondescript virus that is transmitted through saliva. In other words, if you get bit, you’re dead. The movie starts off with Columbus, the nerdy, somewhat unlikely survivor of a zombie apocalypse giving us some of the rules by which he lives in this newly zombie-infested world. Honestly, these rules are solid advice, so keep a pen and paper handy when watching this movie.

Along the way, Columbus meets Tallahassee, the brooding cowboy who has lost everything and longs only for a Twinkie to grasp onto some semblance of what the world used to be. And of course, they’re introduced to a conniving little girl and the badass woman who the nerdy kid is supposed to fall in love with. This band of misfits quickly show Columbus that you have to do what it takes to survive and rules need to be broken. Solid advice for regular, non-zombie infested life if you ask me.

Zombieland checks all the boxes for a dark action-comedy. The script is hilarious which is no surprise coming from the writers of Deadpool. The comedy is paired with disgusting violence against zombies making it a perfect wine-and-cheese like combination. 

When you rip it down to the studs, Zombieland is just about some misfits, who would all probably rather be on their own, who find a family where they least expect it. The rules that you make up for yourself in life can change when you find people that can give you contingencies to those rules. Life isn’t always so black and white. That classic storyline never gets old. Put it together with a dystopian setting and a lot of dark humor and you’ve got a movie that misfits everywhere can enjoy. It’s kind of a roundabout way to get in touch with your feels without having to watch a cheesy rom-com. I mean, who didn’t shed a tear when Woody Harrellson (sorry about this spoiler) got possibly the last Twinkie on Earth? 

It may not be a favorite for a lot of people, but Zombieland is definitely on a top-ten list for this dark humorist. If you haven’t seen it yet, let me give you the long and short of why you should before the sequel comes out. Watch it for the blood, the humor, the romance, and last but certainly not least, watch it for Bill Murray.

The Verdict – 4 out of 5 stars