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CST Top 10: Horror Flicks

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Ready for another CST Top 10? We bet you are! This time around we are going with top 10 horror flicks of all time. Think about all of the chills and thrills you have had over the years watching these movies. Happy Halloween!

Scott’s Top 10

10. Open Water


An absolutely haunting film that once again plays on our everyday fear of sharks. There is one particular scene in which one of the stranded diver’s mask dips halfway under water and all you can see is about 100 sharks circling the area. Paralyzing. When we think of monsters that scare children, we think of big scary creatures with razor blade teeth that will rip us all to shreds. Sharks are those monsters and they are not make believe.

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street


Wes Craven’s classic film is a masterpiece that created a burned, child molester with razor blades for fingers that haunted our dreams. Freddy Kreuger will go down in history as the most popular horror figure in cinema. One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, Four better lock your door.

8. The Conjuring


Truly frightening. Read my review here. James Wan knows how to do horror right. More of things that go bump in the night. Surprisingly, less is more from the creator of Saw, which spawned the torture porn genre.

7. The Blair Witch Project


I love The Blair Witch Project because it was insanely inventive for it’s time and it taught us all that sometimes it’s the unseen that scares us more than what’s right in front of our faces.  I hate The Blair Witch Project because this low budgeted box office behemoth is the reason I have to suffer through so many painful found footage films of the Paranormal Activity variety.

6. Deliverance


What is it about the woods that terrifies me? I hate cabins. I hate being in the middle of nowhere and most importantly…I fear real people more than fictional movie monsters. Put me alone in a room with 8 probing aliens and I’m as good as gold. Throw me in the woods with a few bearded hillbillies and I’m scared shitless.

5. Halloween


John Carpenter’s 1978 film pretty much created slasher cinema. The masked, mental patient, boogeyman Michael Myers paved the way for such creations as Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger and even Chucky. Halloween made us all lock our doors at night and proved that evil can in fact come home.

4. Poltergeist


One of my all time favorite films. The soundtrack featuring eerie singing children sounds like a Walt Disney ride gone bad.  This film resulted in many sleepless nights for me lying awake wondering if the tree outside my window was alive and hungry. The coincidental tragedies that struck certain cast members led to the spookiness. Classic.

3. Psycho


What Jaws did for oceans, Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho did for showers. Think about it, how many times have you had soap in your eyes and expected a butcher knife wielding cross dresser waiting to stab you as soon as you opened your eyes? What made it worse? It was all to the soundtrack of “EECK EECK EECK”

2. Jaws


Some people wouldn’t categorize Steven Spielberg’s film about a maniacal shark as horror, but what does a horror film do? It causes sheer unadulterated terror. To this day people don’t go in to the ocean because of Jaws. My wife’s worst fear in life is getting eaten by a shark. It’s like Bill Murray says ” I’m not sure how people get eaten by sharks…I mean how do you not hear the music?”

1. The Exorcist


Hands down the most terrifying film I’ve ever seen. William Friedkin’s film about demonic possession crossed many lines, one of which somehow found a way to combine the words Holy Cross and Vagina in the same sentence. Unparalleled in the genre. There is The Exorcist and there is everything else.

The Sportz Nuttz Top 10

I won’t lie, but there are some classic scary movies that I have never seen, such as Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, Jaws and more. That being said, from what I have seen, here is my Top 10.

Honorable mention: The Sixth Sense, Pan’s Labyrinth, Saw

10. Nosferatu


Never has the use of light and shadow been so effective in all of film.

9. The Others


Scary throughout, with a fantastic ending to boot.

8. Insidious


Hate to put such a new movie up here, but so many evil images that sit with me. Can’t wait to watch The Conjuring.

7. 28 Days Later

28 days eyes

Just the idea of this happening frightens me.

6. Halloween


Michael Myers is my absolute favourite of all of the slashers. I even like the remakes.

5. The Ring


That girl is so creepy.

4. Scream


From the iconic opening scene, to the final body, it revolutionized the horror genre.

3. The Orphanage

Locking the door

Just the fact that I remembered it makes me want to watch it again.

2. Paranormal Activity


Actually LOVE the first 3 and tolerated the fourth.

1. The Exorcist


Not much else to say except it is the best.

Carlos’ Top Ten

10. Suspiria


One of director Dario Sargento’s classic horror movies starts right at the beginning with a double murder. The combination of over the top gruesome killings, the score (very spooky) and the color design mix great to make a nightmare masterpiece.

9. Poltergeist


A man tears his own face apart; a clown doll that loves to strangle; zombies coming out of the swimming pool and a television that captures little girls. What can be scarier than that?

8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Toby Hooper’s indie film almost could not get a distributor because of its extreme level of graphic killings. Psycho was the actual first “slasher” film, but Chainsaw truly invented the gruesome level of violence that we see in later films.

7. Silence of the Lambs


Hannibal Lecter’s crazy combined with Clarice Starling’s virtue was a wonderful combination. This masterpiece was built on psychology and deduction. It won the Oscar for Best Movie of 1991.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street


By 1984, the slasher film had started to run its course. Wes Craven came in and decided to change the killer. No masks on Freddie Kruger, and he was not silent (he loved to cruelly taunt his victims). Craven excellently built tension and gave us the goods with the kills. He also made us too scared to go to sleep!

5. Friday the 13th


Many movies tried and failed to use the slasher film formula first used by Halloween, but only one was successful. Boy was this movie successful. It was one of the longest-running franchises in movie history. Jason killed from Camp Crystal Lake, to Manhattan, even on another planet!

4. Halloween


Take an instantly identifiable holiday, add in a chillingly silent, unstoppable masked killer and a feisty, resourceful heroine and you have Halloween… and of course all the films that came after it. I still cannot see how anyone thought it would be a good idea to have Halloween III WITHOUT MICHAEL MYERS!

3. Night of the Living Dead


In 1968 George Romero created one of the most terrifying genres of horror-the Zombie Apocalypse! It is the most popular genre right now, but before Romero the idea of zombification was just from voodoo tales. Check out the scene where a mother goes to the basement and sees her daughter eating her father. Pure scariness!

2. Psycho


This movie was the first slasher film. There have been many, many girls killed in the shower, but the killing of Janet Leigh’s character accompanied by the musical score makes it one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. Alfred Hitchcock showed his true mastery of suspense and tension.

1. The Exorcist


Truly one of the scariest movies of all-time. I have watched thousands of scary movies and have seen this one many times, but it still haunts me every time I see it. Every time I hear “Tubular Bells” I want to run for my life, but realize I cannot run away and just get in a fetal position waiting for my end (I know you do too).

David’s Top 10

Honorable mention: Chuckie

10. Scream


“What’s your favorite Scary Movie?” Nothing was scary than staying home alone on a Friday night and hearing your phone ring after watching this flick. Anyone could have been Ghostface and is what made him into an icon.

9. The Hills Have Eyes


“Mister, will you play with us?” This was the first movie to creep me out and disturb me. The entire movie was sick and just planted images into my head I’ll never forget.

8. Halloween


“It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.” Michael Myers was the definition of a manic serial killer. He would do it so bluntly, that it seemed as if killing meant nothing to him, making him scary without even saying a word.

7. Friday the 13th


“You see, Jason was my son, and today is his birthday.” The supernatural Jason was always an unstoppable force. You could run, but could never hide. What makes him scarier is the fact that he has yet to be stopped, totaling 10+ films.

6. Poltergeist


“They’re here.” This is the definition of a haunted house movie. From the Indian burial grounds to the static TV this movie has a ton of scares. If you never thought about what happened in your house before you moved in, this movie made you think twice.

5. Jaws


“Come on into the water!” Till this day I’m not a fan of going to the beach, and Jaws is the main reason for this. A great white shark that could swallow you whole was the antagonist of the whole film, it was so simple, but brilliant. It became an instant classic.

4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre


“That’s the last goddamn hitchhiker I ever pick up.” To me this is an all time classic horror flick. It might not have the scary element of a Poltergeist, but it does have the element to freak you out and jump anytime you see Leatherface.

3. Nightmare on Elm Street


“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.” This is my all time favorite horror film. Freddy mixes fear with humor perfectly. Combine those elements with the fact that he can’t be killed and controls your dreams, makes him the biggest horror icon. “Nine, ten, never sleep again.”

2. The Exorcist


“The power of Christ compels you!” This movie was the cause of insomnia in many homes. I still remember not sleeping for the first few nights after seeing this film. It was traumatizing and scary on so many levels. If you want to pull an all nighter, I suggest clicking play on this one.

1. The Shining


“Heeere’s Johnny!” The ultimate horror thriller. From Room 237 to the twin girls, this movie has everything. Not to mention some of the most memorable quotes of all time. Jack Nicholson did a fantastic job of losing his mind and making audiences everywhere cringe. “Redrum. Redrum. REDRUM!”

hot chief DSO’s Top 10

10. Saw


Unique in its approach to horror, Saw forced us all to personally identify with each and every character, and therefore feel their frustrations and terror.

9. Paranormal Activity


Our society has reached the point where we are ready to use technology to embrace “the other side” In Paranormal Activity and its sequels, we learn that the embrace is not as comfortable as we thought it was going to be. No one is immune and everyone is susceptible to the evil that surrounds us. You can’t just will it away or close your eyes and make it go away. It’s waiting for you whether you open your eyes or not.

8. Psycho


In this classic black and white film, Anthony Perkins gave birth to a character that will live in infamy. The crazy psycho character obsessed with his own mother set the precedent for future scary, suspense and horror flicks.

7. The Amityville Horror


The fact that this is a real place on Long Island gives this scary story a solid spot in my top 10. Based on a true crime story where a family was slaughtered mysteriously in their own home, The Amityville Horror will get you thinking and keep you thinking long after the movie is over. You also might want to go visit the home but is still vacant. Mwahaha.

6. The Exorcist


Who knew these horrible evil things existed? This movie give us an inside look into the terror of possession. Guaranteed to get your heart racing. Also recommended: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

5. Halloween


Halloween and most of its progeny show a side of everything that could go wrong with yhe American institution of Halloween. Lots of startling moments and blood curdling screams catapult this flick to my top 10.

4. Poltergeist


What little kid wasn’t afraid of things that stir after being tucked into bed? This film’s story and cast were perfectly fit. Something extraordinary believably happens in a typical neighborhood to a typical family. The reason this movie is a scary is because it could conceivably happen to any of us. Oh, and also because there’s a clown. That’s pretty scary too.

3. Friday the 13th


Whispered echoes of “Kill, kill” inspires chills in anyone who has experienced this movie. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen Jason…But we all know he’s there.

2. The Shining


Crazy never stops being scary. Jack Nicholson’s legendary and unforgettable performance will forever leave me scarred. Every time I check into a hotel, and see a long hallway, or friendly people working the night shift, the memory always gives me pause.

1. The Omen


Seeing this as a child had me begging my parents to take me to church on Sunday. As mentally tormenting as the original movie was, it made the sequels irresistible curiosities.

Yvette’s Top 10

10. The Omen


Kid + scary movie = creepy! Oh and adoption went out the window after seeing this movie.

9. The Descent


Will never explore a cave…ever.

8. 28 Days Later

28 days eyes

The beginning of the modern day zombie apocalypse movie genre, for me that is. This one definitely had me on the edge and its sequel was just as awesome.

7. Scream


Did a lot of it! Very intense opening scene and stayed that way throughout but with a few laughs in between. The sequels did not even come close to the original.

6. The Others


The old lady sitting in the middle of the room knitting and then speaking in a British kid’s accent, nuff said!

5. The Shining


Snuck and saw this as a kid. What a mistake. Seen it a couple of time since then and gets to me every time. What a classic.

4. The Sixth Sense


I know people that see dead people and that’s scary in itself but hands down one of the best movie endings ever. Never saw it coming.

3. The Ring


This movie went straight to the garage after watching it. Leaving the TV on when I went to bed was one of my soothing tactics to fall asleep faster. Needless to say, after this movie I switched from that to a nice glass of wine or two and cuddling up real close to the hubster.

2. The Grudge


Never wanted to pick up a phone again after this one. Scared me to death. The Japanese really know how to put the scare on.

1. The Exorcist


10 year old me can’t unsee what she snuck in and saw in this film. You’d think I’d learned my lesson after watching #5!