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CST Top 10: Top 10 Bank Heist Movies

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This time around we decided to go with bank heists movies because they are just awesome. That’s it, period. This is an incredible genre of film that always locks us in and makes us pick parts as to who we would be during a bank heist. This is a fun list, so let’s begin.

10. The Old Man and the Gun

Starting off the list we have a very underrated film that most of you might not have heard of in The Old Man and the Gun. This film came out about two years ago and was one of Robert Redford’s last acting roles. Here we see a career bank robber who has never done it for the money, but just for the thrill. He is an older gentleman who doesn’t have much in his life, so he peacefully goes about robbing small banks. It is charming to watch the joy of Redford accomplish this and see his career as a leading man go out on a high note.

9. Swordfish

Bank heist movies are fun, but they are not always good and that is the case with our next film, Swordfish. Here we see John Travolta, Halle Berry, and Hugh Jackman part of this counter-terrorist group who need money to finance their war against international terrorism. The plot is way too complicated and dumb and John Travolta just goes full Travolta here. If that is your thing, then go crazy. It is just not for me, but I can understand the appeal.

8. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

We circle back to Robert Redford again for our film in at number eight Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. This is the film you watch if you want to see movie stars at the height of their powers. Robert Redford and Paul Newman are incredible in this film as the leaders of a group of outlaws who are on the run after a heist goes wrong. This is the best representation of old west robbery and we don’t really see films like this anymore. The times have shifted to a more modern approach.

7. Point Break

In at number seven we have what may be the most overrated film of all time, Point Break. Guys, what are we doing here? Why do so many of you love this movie so much? It’s not good! The acting is way over the top, the choices by characters make zero sense, and a guy opens a can of gasoline by stabbing it with a knife. Also, who plays football on the beach at night? You can’t see! This is the definition of 90’s cheese and everyone in the film only went on to be better afterward, even Gary Busey.

6. Hell or High Water

We go from an overrated movie to an underrated one in Hell or High Water. I still know people who have no idea this movie exists but whenever I introduce it to someone, they love it. We get to see Ben Foster and Chris Pine as brothers who rob banks for different reasons. One for the thrill and the other to support a family, all this while Jeff Bridges is a returning sheriff trying to track them down at the end of his career. This film is magnificent and if you haven’t seen it yet, please do.

5. Baby Driver

Starting off the top five is a top 10 list regular on this site in Baby Driver. This film has appeared on numerous lists and there isn’t much more to say. Edgar Wright directed the hell out of this beautifully crafting a story and action around songs we know already or forgot about and love again. It is a little hard to watch now considering Kevin Spacey’s drama and now Ansel Elgort having his problems, but that first time watching was so thrilling and only help up ever since.

4. Inside Man

One of Spike Lee’s most underseen movies comes in next with Inside Man. Spike Lee and Denzel Washington have always been a winning combination and that is even more true in this film. When a bank robbery happens in most movies, they usually have a pretty easy time executing the heist, but here the plan seems so fool-proof and when everything goes wrong, the tension mounts. We have all been there when we think we have thought of everything and then something just doesn’t work out. It is frustrating, especially when robbing a bank, right?

3. Heat

At number three we have what might be the film that is most men’s top film ever in Heat. Think about it, how many men do you know not like Heat? It just has everything from great action to high stakes and actors at the peak of their powers. We finally got to see Al Pacino and Robert De Niro go at it and boy did it not disappoint. Apex mountain definitely for Michael Mann who is still trying to recreate this magic all these years later.

2. Dog Day Afternoon

Now not all bank heists are successfully pulled off and that could not be truer in Dog Day Afternoon. Here we see a very young Al Pacino attempt to rob a bank but have absolutely no clue what he is doing, and it is hilarious. To see just how absurd and wild this gets makes for the entertainment. Both sides are equally idiotic with Pacino openly walking out without a way to protect himself multiple times and the police just bringing everybody and surrounding the place. It is a great example of how not to rob a bank.

  1. The Town

Our number one film is one that is a surprise to me, even though I had it at number one, and that film is The Town. You talk to most Bostonians and they will tell you that this is the quintessential Boston movie. Ben Affleck just brought it in this film about bank robbers who have just inherited this way of life and get themselves way too involved. These are despicable human beings, but you can’t help but like them for some reason, especially Jeremy Renner who is at his peak here. This film has only gotten better with repeat viewings and I wish Affleck would direct something as good as this again.

Well, there you have it, our rankings of the Top 10 bank heist movies. This is an incredible genre of cinema that will always have me in the theater whenever a new one is released. What does your list look like? Make sure you choose actual bank movies and not jewels or casinos. Let us know what you go below, and we will see you next time with another list!