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CST Top 10: Top 10 Fantasy Football Players

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Hey all – Steve here. It’s about that time. Many of you have already drafted, but if you are like me then this is a big weekend for drafts. I prefer to wait for week 4 of the preseason (or anytime after week 3 of the preseason) to draft. Why you ask? Well it has a lot to do with drafting Jordy Nelson at #7 overall a few years back and then watching him tear his ACL 20 min later during his week 3 preseason game. Wouldn’t that do it for you? It’s not to say guys can’t get injured during the season, but at least they will play at least a minute of the regular season.

What we did here was gather up everyone’s list (including ESPN’s PPR ranks) and just kind of give it the eye test. It isn’t our traditional Top 10 where we come up with a consensus. It is what it is with our lists and here we go!

While most of our lists are pretty similar, you can tell that some people actually value QB’s really early. Will it hurt them in the end? Likely. The funny thing about the Top 10 of any fantasy sport is that this is not where you win your league. You win them in the middle rounds and in the first couple of weeks of the waiver wire when you see who breaks out in Week 1 or 2. Do you really think taking Ezekiel Elliott over Le’Veon Bell or the other way around is going to make a huge difference? If you do then you are wrong…or you are a rookie!

David Johnson was on many lists and is up there at #3 on the ESPN list. I have had the man and it might be because of the injuries or because he is just not a sexy name, but I want nothing to do with him. If we had expanded to a top 15 you still may not see him on my list.

Saquon Barkley is a name that is sizzling hot right now although he has barely played in the preseason. I love him as a player and obviously as a fan of the Giants I would love to have him, but I am not reaching for him. When I was a rookie fantasy player I would be one that would take Barkley at #1 in the draft if I could and it was me being an absolute homer. Scott asked me on The CineSportsTalk Experience on Tuesday night where I would take him. I said 6 or 7 and now I can narrow that down to #6.

Todd Gurley is a guy that disappointed the hell out of me 2 years ago and tortured me last year in an MVP-like season. I have him ranked at #1 and I’m not sure that is the right spot for him, but it is where I have him right now. He is an absolute beast and I hope he taught Saquon a thing or two while training with him during the off-season.

What does your top 10 look like? Let us know!