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CST Top 10: Top 10 Talking Animals

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by Kyle Arango,

Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week with Dolittle coming out in which a man can talk to animals, we decided to countdown the Top 10 Talking Animals in Movies. It is a very peculiar topic, but a fun one. So many have impacted our lives as kids and taught us lessons. Here are our picks!

10. Baloo the Bear

Baloo the bear from The Jungle Book starts off this list. Disney has always been amazing at creating talking animals that stick with you, as you will see later, but Baloo is one of the best. The bear that guided Mowgli through the jungle and became his best friend. His singing of “Bear Necessities” is one of the best moments in any Disney movie and we all hum it whenever we put it on in both versions.

9. Charlotte the Spider

Next up is one of the most overlooked films I believe ever in Charlotte’s Web. We are specifically talking about the spider Charlotte. This story is so heartbreaking about a pig who is scared of being eaten at the end of the season, and the spider who teaches him lessons to help him out. Charlotte the spider not only teaches Wilbur lessons, but she teaches them to us, to always be humble and kind and these are lessons we can take with us no matter where we go in life.

8. Dory

Next up on our list is a fish that can talk in Dory. The happy and optimistic fish from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory that keeps a positive attitude even in the worst of times. Ellen DeGeneres voices this character perfectly and makes us believe Dory is this welcoming presence that accepts everyone for who they are. The first film is Pixar’s best and Dory is a huge reason why. Shame the sequel couldn’t do the same.

7. Babe the Pig

At number seven we have another mention of a pig in Babe. Babe is the fun story of a pig that is raised by sheepdogs and learns how to herd sheep. This sounds like such a simple premise but somehow it is delightful. Just as the Paddington movies are, Babe does the same my making this innocent pig learn the world we all wish we could, with joy and curiosity. The movie ended up getting a sequel directed by George Miller funny enough that was just as good. Maybe one day this pig will be back.

6. Sebastian the Crab

Just missing out on the top five is a friend of Ariel the mermaid in Sebastian the crab. The Little Mermaid is one of Disney’s best films and Sebastian is that spark that keeps it going when it begins to wind down. He is a voice of reason that just wants to best for Ariel and is always looking out for her. Plus, we all know his most famous song “Under the Sea” and the singing of that is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head, yet you love it all the same.

5. Ted

Starting off the top five is that foul-mouthed stuffed animal, Ted. Now this one selection might be bending the rules just a touch considering Ted is a toy, but that toy is a teddy bear that came alive so technically it is now a talking animal. The rules are messy, but the ruling stands. Ted is hilarious as this lowlife who ruined his best friend’s life by manipulating him to smoke and drink all day. It is a great concept with a terrific character, I just don’t think the film holds up as well with the jokes not working a second time. A toy can only say the “F” word so many times before it loses its shine.

4. Roger Rabbit

At number four we have a character some of you young readers may not be aware of in Roger Rabbit. Roger comes from one of the better films of the ’80s in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A film about a cartoon rabbit framed for murder whose only hope is a human detective to prove his innocence. This rabbit had it all and we wished we had his traits. All the men especially wished they had his wife, Jessica Rabbit, a cartoon that somehow became a sex symbol. How does this rabbit do it?

3. Bugs Bunny

In at number three is a classic cartoon character in Bugs Bunny. The most famous character from the Looney Toons that was a menace to everyone but the audience. He is witty and cunning but most of all doesn’t care about anything. He played basketball with Michael Jordan in Space Jam for God’s sake and will soon do the same with Lebron James. This bunny is never going away and will forever be a part of cartoon history.

2. Donkey

Just missing out on the top spot is a donkey named Donkey. Such a simple yet clever name to get us all to remember this fantastic character. Eddie Murphy is an icon but one of his best roles comes as a voice for Donkey in the Shrek movies. He is always the best part of these films by being that fun sidekick who is so oblivious to everything around him but can be there as a friend when needed. This character has stuck with me since I first saw him as a kid and now every time I have waffles, I think of him.

1. Rocket Raccoon

We went through a ton of options but in the end, there was only one choice for our number one talking animal, Rocket Raccoon. The MCU is the largest franchise in theaters today and somehow a talking raccoon became one of its best characters. Bradley Cooper brings so much humanity and vulnerability to this character who has a temper but also is trying so hard to contain his feelings. He is funny, smart, and completely lovable and is without a doubt the best talking animal in any film.

There you have our picks for the Top 10 Talking Animals in Film. This was an incredibly fun topic and I wish more people would’ve participated but they just missed out. What do you have on your lists? Let us know down below and we will see you next time with another Top 10.