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CST Top 10: Top 5 Most Disappointing/Surprising Films of 2018…So Far

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Welcome back to the weekly Top 10 list. Each week we come up with a topic, go create our separate lists, and then come together to create a top 10 consensus. This week we decided to do something a little different. We felt that since we are halfway through the year, we should do a halfway point list. So we are going to countdown the Top 5 most surprising and disappointing films of 2018 so far. There was certainly plenty of movies to choose from so here we go!

Top 5 Most Disappointing

5. Red Sparrow

Our number five most disappointing film of 2018 so far is Red Sparrow. Red Sparrow was such a shock at just how boring it was. They had an interesting idea and decided to just make it about sex in the most unsexy way. Jennifer Lawrence is not the most popular person right now and her choice here certainly didn’t help. This film was bleak and dreary and when that lasts for over two hours, it doesn’t make for a fun movie-going experience.

4. Blockers

At number four we have the comedy Blockers. Blockers is a victim of expectations in my book. People were raving about this film as the greatest thing and I did not laugh once. Every joke was predictable, and the punchlines weren’t even funny. The cast is full of talented people and Kay Cannon has a great career ahead of her as a director, u just thought nothing of Blockers. In a year where there are two solid other comedies, Blockers just didn’t cut it.

3. The 15:17 to Paris

At the number three spot we have The 15:17 to Paris. Clint Eastwood what were you thinking here? This is the story of the American heroes who stopped a terrorist attack on a train. He cast the actual heroes and they were not good actors. The script was also just dreadful where we just watched the guys wonder around Europe for an hour and take selfies. This story did not need to be a film and Eastwood just took a nosedive in his directing career.

2. A Wrinkle in Time

Our second most disappointing film of the year is A Wrinkle in Time. Ava DuVernay was one of the hottest up and coming directors in Hollywood and then she made A Wrinkle in Time. This was one of the most nothing movies I have ever seen where nothing happens until the end. This film also produced one of the most annoying characters this year in Charles Wallace who was just a whiney kid. This entire film was a waste of talent and such a disappointing film altogether.

1. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The most disappointing film of 2018 so far for us is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This film is also a victim of expectations as people are so attached to this franchise and then they put out one of the worst of the franchise. You have a movie that involves dinosaurs and instead you toss them aside and focus on some of the most generic characters. This is not how you make a Jurassic movie and hopefully part three can put the franchise back on track.

Top 5 Most Surprising

5. Tomb Raider

Starting off the list is a movie that got overlooked due to Black Panther in Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider had the challenge of being a video game movie which there had never been a good one. Then Tomb Raider came out and became the greatest video game movie of all time. Alicia Vikander is a star and owned this role and hopefully Warner Brothers gives us more of these films starring her. The hunger for female action leads is there and Tomb Raider is a perfect route for one.

4. Tag

In at number four we have a comedy still in theaters in Tag. Tag is such an interesting premise where a group of friends have been playing the same game of tag for thirty years. This is a great premise based on a true story and the creators behind Tag really made this film work. The actors make the tagging sequences so much fun and some of the best physical humor I have ever seen. I could’ve watched another three hours of these guys playing Tag and would’ve enjoyed every second of it.

3. A Quiet Place

At number three on our list is what is probably the best film on the list in A Quiet Place. A Quiet Place was a film that had a lot of buzz around it and boy did it live up to expectations. A Quiet Place is one of the greatest theater experiences I have ever had as the entire theater went silent and got sucked into this world. People did not make a noise the entire time until they were scared and that is the hallmark of a great horror film. The reason I think it is not number one is because a lot of us expected it to be good and it certainly was.

2. Love, Simon

Number two on the list goes to the young adult film Love, Simon. At first, I wasn’t sure why this film was on the list. I had pretty high hopes for the film considering Greg Berlanti is a great talent in the industry. However, the people outside the target demographic on our staff were blown away by this film. This is a coming out story and one that feels special because we do not get many good ones. Was the character rather ordinary? Yes, but the story was compelling and made the film great.

1. Game Night

Our number one most surprising movie of 2018 so far is Game Night. Game Night was just such a breath of fresh air. Comedies have been struggling hard lately where the only funny movies are in comic book films. Then Game Night came along and gave us the best comedy of the past five years. This movie didn’t rely on cheap gags and fart jokes, it gave us smart humor and meta jokes that felt new. This has been a great year for comedies so far (Tag is also on this list), and hopefully we will get more like Game Night and Tag the rest of the year.

So, there you have it! The Top 5 Most Surprising and Disappointing films of 2018 so far. Everyone has had different opinions on films this year and expectations vary. What does your list look like? How many movies have you seen so far this year? Jump into the comments and let us know and we will see you next week for another Top 10 list.