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Dan Says INCREDIBLES 2 Still Packs A Punch For All Audiences.

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14 years hasn’t been as long as you’d think because Brad Bird picked up right where he left off with this super family The Incredibles, and the sequel doesn’t miss a beat. With new foe The Underminer voiced by Pixar regular John Ratzenberger, the team just does the superhero thing all over again like riding a bike. This villain is very similar to The Mole Man, a Fantastic Four villain which is where the inspiration for The Incredibles comes from. The family dynamic is what’s so terrific about these films. The Parr family are so relatable to everyday normal families regardless of their super powers. The arguing and the bickering makes as well as the tender moments makes them just like everyone else. Since the original film, we still haven’t seen it replicated.

The animation style is very similar to the original film which helps with the continuity. Of course, all the voice talent is back as well. Craig T. Nelson as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Elastigirl, Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr and Tuck Milner as Dash. Their chemistry is still evident as if they have been doing these movies for many years rather than years apart with Brad Bird as the glue. This movie is what he should have been doing instead of flops like Tomorrowland or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Though we see a lot of the familiar, Bird adds to the story and builds on our five Parr family members significantly playing on house hold roles with Elastigirl being recruited and Mr. Incredible must become the homemaker. This adds a lot of comedy involving the children and a lot of action involving Elastigirl. The film comes with some fun new character addtions. Winston Dever voiced by Bob Odenkirk and Evelyn voiced by Kathryn Keener own a communications company called Devtech. which specializes in inventing things the help the world and in turn sell them so everyone can have a pieces of this technology. It’s a company that serves the people.

Pixar has made a lot of movies since the first Incredibles and the thing they have improved on is the animation. They enhance their details in ways that make the movies life like in such bombastic situations such as seeing the fibers in the fabric of their costumes. The layers of animation are second to none in The Incredibles 2. In addition to the details with this great film comes a great score, that’s what we have with the score by Michael Giacchino. It’s music fit for a grand superhero adventure. It fits so well that it rings with the score of Superman, by John Williams, that added to the film. All of these pieces come together to make for a large super hero extravaganza.

Pixar animation is the gold standard in these days. When you have a perfect cast, an awesome score and a great story you have an Incredible film, pun intended.  This film is on par with the greatest sequels of all time such as The Godfather Part 2, The Empire Strikes Back or Aliens rather than just Pixar sequels. Disney, Pixar and Brad Bird has another near perfect film on their hands and it was worth the wait. Hopefully they don’t wait that long again to do a third in this series of films.