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Dan Says… Lucy Is Grounded

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Lucy in the Sky Review


Dan Skip Allen

      Lucy in the Sky is the latest movie featuring the space program or astronauts out in theaters. Earlier this year High Life starring Robert Pattinson and Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt came out. As long as we are reaching for the stars, we will always be making movies about the space program. Lucy in the Sky isn’t the first and it won’t be the last movie about astronauts/space. It’s just not as good as those other two films. It’s grounded if you will.

     Lucy Cola is portrayed by Natalie Portman. She no stranger to space. She was Queen Amedala in George Lucas’s 2nd Stars Wars Trilogy. She also won and an Academy Award for the film Black Swan from director Steven Soderberg. She portrayed a ballet dancer who has a feud with another dancer. She eventually had a meltdown so that film and Lucy in the Sky are similar in that way. Lucy loves being in space. It is a freeing experience for her. She feels at home thousands of miles from earth. This can be a problem though. She has to eventually come back to home.

     Lucy is married to Drew Cola, he is press adviser to the space program. He and Lucy seem to live an idyllic life in Florida. Lucy on the other hand just wants to go back to space. She has that opportunity with a new flight coming up in a few months time. While training for her new potential mission she meets a new young astronaut Erin Eccels portrayed by Zazie Beetz. Also an older more seasoned astronaut Mark Goodwin, portrayed by Jon Hamm. He’s more than what she bargained for.

      Noah Hawley is most famous for writing and show running such acclaimed shows as Fargo, Legion & Bones. A showrunner/ writer doesn’t necessarily for a great director. Runner a whole season of a show let’s you have a longer time to express your vision of what you are going for. Many hours of television I’d much longer the two hours you usually get for a movie. He got creative with legion with the camera, changing the aspect ratio. Which made that shoe very different from many other shows. It helped get into the main character of the show. This didn’t help him at all with Lucy In the Sky. It made the film more confusing to me. That’s not a good thing.

     Lucy in the Sky started out with an interesting storyline about a character I was intrigued about but nose dived after that. Decent performances by Portman, Hamm & Beets didn’t help this film from falling flat on its face. Noah Hawley didn’t know how to tell a straightforward sorry. He had to get tricky with the camera which didn’t work at all. I was completely taken out of the film. This film just ended up being a muddled mess and it shouldn’t have been. In better hands who knows, this could have been promising material. Instead I left the theater confused and disappointed with what I saw.

2 stars

Dan Skip Allen