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Dan Says… Wild Rose Sure as hell carries a tune!

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by Dan Skip Allen

Redemption stories are nothing new in hollywood. Wild Rose is a redemption story with a twist.Jessie Buckley portrays Rose-Lynn Harlan, a young Scottish woman fresh out of jail. She has two kids that her mother Marion, portrayed by Julie Walters is taking care of. She’s been in jail so long her kids almost don’t remember her. She gets a job cleaning a house but, this isn’t what she wants to do with her life. Her true passion is singing. Sophie Okanedo portrays Susannah the woman of the house she cleans. Susannah discovers Rose-Lynn’s talent for singing and she tries to help her achieve her goal of being a country singer.

Rose is a country & western singer. She has a dream of making it to Nashville and becoming a big star. The question is, who has ever heard of a country singer from Glasgow, Scotland? The answer is nobody. This makes for a roadblock for Rose. Also the fact that she has two kids to take care of and a mother that doesn’t believe in her make for some difficult times. She also has a bit of a temper that gets her into trouble especially when she drinks. Which is a lot.

With films about singers and bands come soundtracks. If you love a good country song, then this is the film for you. It has songs such as Country Girl, Outlaw State of Mind, Moving on, Born to Run and the song that should and probably will get nominated for an Academy award for best song, Glasgow, No Place Like Home. I

Jessie Buckley is originally of Irish descent. She is famous for winning a television series talent competition similar to America’s Got Talent called I’ll Do Anything. She has had roles in BBC productions of War and Peace and The Last Post. 

Clockwise, from right: Jessie Buckley, Adam Mitchell, Daisy Littlefield and Julie Walters in “Wild Rose.” MUST CREDIT: Aimee Spinks, Neon

    Wild Rose is a character study of a woman struggling to give her two kids a good life and achieving the career that she believes she deserves. Jessie Buckley gives an incredible performance as Rose. Her anger, sorrow, happiness and despair all come to the forefront of this film. Running the gambit of emotions shows her range as an actor. She was perfect for this role as Rose-Lynn. She is the reason to see Wild Rose. Also if you love country music, you will be singing along with the songs. Buckley gives the performance of the year so far. Definitely go seek out Wild Rose wherever it’s playing.

4 stars

Dan Skip Allen