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Dan Says… Zombieland: Double Tap isn’t as good as the first Zombieland.

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Zombieland: Double Tap Review


Dan Skip Allen

The zombie genre has really picked up over the last couple decades. With shows like The Walking Dead and World War Z being the highpoint, along with the original Zombie Land. 

This genre sometimes makes fun of itself like earlier this year with The Dead Don’t Die and also Shaun of the Dead. The Zombieland films mix the drama and the comedy equally well. Zombieland: Double Tap picks up where the first one left off. Our four heroes are just roaming the country.

 All the characters go by the names of the cities of where they come from. Woody Harrelson portrays Tallahassee. He has two daughters. One of them is Little Rock, portrayed by Abigail Breslin and the other is Wichita portrayed by Emma Stone. Wichita is in a relationship with Columbus portrayed by Jesse Eisenberg. They are roaming around the country and eventually settle on going to the White House. Everybody seems happy until Little Rock and Wichita decide to go out on their own and leave Tallahassee and Columbus.

With the ladies leaving, the men go out looking for them. This means our characters run into some new characters. Zoey Deutch portrays Madison. She is like a character straight out of Mean Girls or Clueless. Rosario Dawson portrays Reno, and she’s a badass who just kicks ass throughout the film. Avan Jogia portrays Berkley. He’s a hippie who wants to play music and smoke weed. All of these new characters add a fun and exciting element to the film which adds to the story perfectly. 

  Zombieland: Double Tap is an entertaining sequel to the original. It doesn’t really do anything new for the genre. It just repeats a lot of what the original did.  I did like using visual effects to add words and phrases on screen. Mostly rules from Columbus. The comedy fits well with the action sequences as well. Director Reuben Fliecher didn’t go super campy, but he also didn’t really add anything new to this film that we haven’t seen before.I enjoyed Zombieland: Double Tap , but I still feel the first one is better.

3 stars

Dan Skip Allen