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Dave Funnell

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Dave Funnell (SportzNutt)

My name is Dave, but you can all call me sportznutt. I’ve been nuts about sports since as long as I can remember. If there is a ball, a puck or if they’re in a ring, chances are I’m watching it or playing it.

I love my Anheim Ducks (since they drafted Paul Kariya), my Arizona Cardinals (for reasons that are stupid), my Los Angeles Clippers (since they drafted Lamar Odom) and my USC Trojans (I totally jumped on the Matt Leinart/Reggie bush bandwagon here). No baseball team though? Well, I’m a fan of all teams really. Well, sort of… my first column and see who and why.

You will think I’m an idiot and a genius; you will think I’m the nicest guy in the world and a jerk; you will hate what I have to say, yet love it……

Whatever your opinion is, I hope you enjoy it.