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Ed Camus

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Ed Camus – Co-host of Empire 161 on The CineSportsTalk Radio Network

I’m a kid born and raised in Queens that loves Sports, Movies, Comics and Music.  I grew up playing baseball, basketball, and Football. Since I can’t skate, hockey had to be admired from afar. As much as I love sports, Baseball will always be my first love. My father raised me as a Yankees and Giants fan since day 1. He loved basketball and the Knicks but admittedly Michael Jordan stole me away as I was learning the game in the late ’80s. I’ve been a Chicago Bulls Fan ever since as the Knicks never caught on with me. I got into the Rangers in 1991 due to a kid on my block teaching me hockey and passed on my Rangers fandom to my father. My beautiful wife Angie and I are partial season ticket holders with both the Yankees & Rangers as we LOVE live sports. A Bucket List goal of mine is to visit every MLB Ballpark with currently 19 notches on my belt. I proposed to my wife back in 2018 on Opening Day in Toronto as the Yankees were in town. We also had a Baseball themed wedding that featured Peanuts & Cracker Jacks. I still play a bunch of Softball and have been running my own team named the Outlaws since 1998. #Outlaws4Life

Movies of all genres are also a passion of mine as I studied film in school and made some zero-budget features as well. I grew up reading comics and still read issues here and there to this day. My music taste has been called incredibly erratic as my playlists can go anywhere from Frank Sinatra to Limp Bizkit to Mary J. Blige to Wu-Tang Clan and wrap up with Phil Collins.