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Esteban (Steve) Rodriguez

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Esteban (Steve) Rodriguez – Co-Host, Put It In The Books

Hey everyone! Puerto Rico born/Brooklyn raised Esteban (Steve) Rodriguez here. Baseball Player and METS fan since I was 8 years old. Love talking baseball. Living the life in South Florida where every day “I’m living the dream” (so they say). Network/Voice Engineer by day and family man by night. Baseball aficionado 24 by 7, especially all things Mets. Have to say people, every Spring Training  is a new beginning in baseball – full of hopes and dreams for every fan. Can my team win it all? Is my team competitive? How will the year turn out? It doesn’t matter what the facts are, all that matters is that all teams start out with a clean slate. Everyone has a shot. Opening day is the best present, best to be opened with glee and childlike innocence. Also best to be opened as the National Anthem is played and the crowd goes crazy right at the end. It’s that small moment where hope and faith always wins.

That’s how I see Baseball .

A moment in time where life is full of hope and the joy of the game overtakes all.

Come join me and be a fan.