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Evan Says Fortnite Teases New Season and Releases Playground Mode

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The in-game map of Fortnite is frequently updated to include new buildings and areas, therefore since the start of the Season 4, the map has seen a plethora of changes. However, one particular building has always been a hot topic in regards for future storylines.

To the uninitiated, Fortnite weaves in changes to the map to tie in with their season’s theme. These changes often spark theories about what big changes could be coming in the future. The biggest addition to the map in the beginning of the season was a secret villain base containing a rocket. Now as time went on, people tried putting together what could be happening, but eventually we got confirmation that the rocket would indeed be taking off.

Normally changes to the map occur during updates, and they just appear once everything is up and running again. In the case of the rocket, the change would be happening in real-time. What makes this so significant is that, due to Fortnites popularity, many people would be trying to watch this on time-only event at the same time. Many wondered if the game would even be able to handle a large amount of people on at the very same moment for said rocket launch.

Thankfully, things mostly went off without a hitch, and people got to experience Fortnite history. The minor hiccups were due to some being greeted to queues that prevented them from getting on in time, and some unfortunate trolls killing others trying to watch. But, for those who did get to watch uninterrupted, not only were shown the rocket taking off but they were teleported around the map in what can only be described as traveling through time and space.

Players now look to the sky and see a massive crack in it, teasing what can only be the theme for the next season in just a few days. Many have speculated time travel with replacing current map location with buildings of the past. While other anomalies have been occurring across the game map, we still aren’t sure what exactly the folks at Epic have planned. We do know that the way Epic brought the community together for this in-game event was extremely creative, and is one of the reasons this game is as popular as it is.

A few days after the in game event took place, Epic finally released the highly anticipated Playground LTM. The game mode, which briefly went up a few days prior, but was removed due to technical issues, allows for up to four players to run around the map uninterrupted for an hour. Materials are plentiful to encourage massive builds and crazy creations. The mode does have friendly fire and respawning enabled, which can make for some fun one versus one battles.

Should Epic host another in-game event like the rocket launch, Playground would defiantly let players watch without risk of other players interacting. The additions to the game keep getting better, and with the support Epic is putting into the game, these events and game modes will keep Fortnite in the gaming conscious for years to come.