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Evan Talks Xbox Scarlett and Gaming Streaming

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Late last month rumors began to circulate about the potential next generation of Xbox consoles. The reports claim that the new system, under the codename “Scarlett” will have a new focus for the future of Xbox.

Microsoft officially teased that a new system is currently in development back at its E3 2018 press conference a few months ago. Now it seems that we have an idea as to what this new piece of hardware may be all about. Rather than a sole increase in power like the Xbox One X is, the Scarlet is supposedly aiming to jump into cloud gaming.

Now to specify, there are supposedly two new Xbox models for different audiences, one for more traditional gamers, and a cheaper streaming specific one. The first mentioned would be a more powerful successor to say an Xbox One X that would appease the traditional gamer as just the new step up. The latter would be a cheaper, streaming only model for those dipping their toes into console gaming.

This direction for Xbox is an interesting one, as cloud streaming has yet to be perfected in a meaningful way. Should this Xbox Scarlett model be a streaming device, it would mean Microsoft have found a way to successfully run demanding games over the Internet. This could be a risky play for Xbox, but seeing as they also plan to develop a traditional system, maybe they feel they can grab gamer’s attention either way.

Now in relation to the big competition at Sony, Microsoft may have the system out before the potential PS5. Xbox has chugged behind PlayStation this generation, so now that a new console may be in sight, things can begin to turn around for them. Getting this system out earlier would be a great boost, and the very consumer friendly practices they’ve been showing will undoubtedly transfer to “Scarlett”.

All this is speculation based on rumor, but it’s hard to imagine a future at Xbox without some form of cloud streaming component. Could the tech giant pull off a fluid streaming service, and make it affordable? Only time will tell, but until then keeping an eye on Microsoft’s future E3 is a smart way to be in the know about Xbox “Scarlett”