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Finally! Steve’s Top Flicks of 2018!

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Hey all – Steve here. Yes, it is January 24th and I am just now getting to my top 10 list of 2018. I don’t see what the problem is. Some people give their “top 10 of (insert year here) so far” and that’s just annoying. I’m a few weeks late and just like you deal with my Netflix article coming out late, you are going to deal with this.

Not all of you are going to agree with my list and you know I am more than OK with it. Some might only agree with 1 or 2 and to that I say – I don’t care. Do you want to know why I don’t care? It’s because I don’t care about your top 10 list either. I’m kidding – you know I love each and every one of you and we would be nothing without you. Now that I’ve gone through several different emotions, it is time to get to the list. Here. We. Go.

10. Love, Simon

Looking for a great love story? Well look no further than this bad boy. This one has a serious story, but the light comedy keeps it going throughout. With LOVE, SIMON you get the light humor and you are made to feel every emotion throughout the film as well. Love is love people, love is love.

9. BlacKkKlansman

BlacKkKlansman is one of those films that you just don’t know about and then you check it out and it is fantastic. The latest Spike Lee joint (Go Knicks!) is just a ridiculous, yet TRUE story. John Washington is fantastic from start to finish. You can say what you want about Spike Lee, but the man has some cojones!

8. A Quiet Place

There are several times a day when I would love to go to a quiet place. Well, not this quiet place. A Quiet Place is a an absolutely beast of a flick and at 90 minutes it is just the right run-time. If you don’t have the stomach to see a movie that is going to attack your nerves then turn around and walk away right now. Will it leave you speechless? There is only one way to find out!

7. Crazy Rich Asians

For me, this one really came out of nowhere. I missed the screening for it and Scott told me it was fantastic. The last time he told me a comedy was fantastic it was TRAINWRECK and I made a blind purchase on the blu-ray. He has never paid me back for that. This one has a really good story and has a lot of heart and enough laughs to make it into my top 10.

6. Black Panther

I originally had Black Panther at #5 and then I just stared at it for 10 minutes and changed my mind. That’s how I roll. I really enjoyed Black Panther and it absolutely deserves to be in the best picture talk, but I hate how it was overhyped. I grew tired of it being number one at the box office for 5 straight weeks. I will no doubt face some heat for some of the things I am saying and people will forget that I have it as high as #6 on my list. It’s just how life works. Wakanda forever! Well, not forever, but I won’t spoil anything for you guys!

5. Game Night

This one had me at Jason Bateman. Actually, anything has me at Jason Bateman. He has such great comedic timing and his sarcasm is second to mine. Add his brand of comedy to the chemistry he had with an equally funny Rachel McAdams and you get Steve’s favorite comedy of the year. The only other comedy that can be mentioned in the same chapter as Game Night is Crazy Rich Asians. Don’t bring any of that other trash near me. You’ve been warned.

4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

Can anyone truthfully say that they knew this would be as good as it was? I don’t need your lies so please spare me. This one just blew me away. It was a comic book flick that was completely different from what we are used to seeing. Some people are going so far as to say this is the best Spider-Man film ever made. The way they balanced everything that was happening was great and the film looked (ah hem) amazing! The way they transitioned to each Spidey was pretty damn great. I can’t say how much of a pleasant surprise this one actually was.

3. Avengers: Infinity War

Speaking of well-balanced. No, it’s not enough already with the puns. Thanos and company delivered in a massive way in 2018. The film that was 10 years in the making and such an amazing undertaking was simply absurd. I loved every second of this one and it was the same for me each additional time I saw it. My son loved it, people cried and it was great. There was a lot of dust in the air during that Spidey/Stark scene. Oh and that “dust in the air” was a complete accident and one that I am quite proud of.

2. Hereditary

This is one freaky, freaky flick. I don’t know why anyone would put themselves through seeing a movie that does what Hereditary does. I saw it at the screening and people were leaving shaking their head, but it was because they had just seen a phenomenal story. Toni Collette was downright great. It has a longer run-time, but does not drag in the least. It has memorable scene after memorable scene and it just works perfectly throughout.

1. A Star Is Born

Great cast, great story, ridiculous soundtrack. In 2018 that is what makes for my number one film. I don’t want to get into how I am feeling about Bradley Cooper being snubbed for best director as this is a positive article. Cooper and Gaga just shined in this remake of a remake. The full range of emotions that A STAR IS BORN puts you through should be against the law. I haven’t seen so many tears being shed since Andy gave up all his toys. I didn’t cry, you CRIED!