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Gia Doxey

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Gia Doxey

Co-host of Along Those Lines

Hi friends! After almost a three-year hiatus, I am so honored to be back at CST! I’m from Boca Raton, FL and recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in journalism and minor in cinema studies. I now live in NYC pursuing a career in the media/film industry.

I am your girl who will watch anything and everything, watch them over and over and the one has full conversations in movie quotes. (Let’s gab!) Mostly everything I’ve learned about life is from movies — the human condition, how to treat people, some of the best music ever and how one line can stay with you forever.

I’m a sucker for good dialogue, outrageous characters and stories that make me go “YES, THAT’S HOW LIFE IS!” I wholeheartedly believe art imitates life and when people say, “life isn’t a movie,” I say, “Um, yeah it is. You can’t handle the truth.” My specialty is nostalgia & my style includes rom-com, musical, mobster, Adam Sandler (yes, he’s still the coolest), Woody Allen, Aaron Sorkin, Nancy Meyers & Nora Ephron flicks. I can’t wait to share movie thoughts with you all!